Wife,grandson and snook

This is the first time to post a picture, more than anything first snook for the wife... Happy that it came together for her and the grandson was there to enjoy the excitement. We were fishing by **** roach bay.

We make out here from Arizona about 5 to 6 times a year to see my son and his family they live near Ruskin... Made the mistake of going out fishing and now I'm going on my third boat and bought a truck to leave here so we can go anytime with out using his truck.

Trying to figure out throwing a net! If you here someone cussing its most likely me... I'd pay someone to show me the basics:grin


  • FusionZ06FusionZ06 Posts: 975 Officer
    How big of a net?
  • HOOKED UPP!HOOKED UPP! Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    I believe it's a 8' or 9' not sure?
  • SaltwormSaltworm Posts: 49 Greenhorn
    Lots of videos online showing different methods to throw a net. 8' net is definitely doable for a beginner. Just practice in the yard until you get the swing of it.

    You'll be throwing pancakes instead of bananas in no time!
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