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Just moved to the area for my job (military) and heading out Tommorow to try our luck fishing with the kids. I plan to start chumiing on Maryland shoal for yellow tail as long as the kids can sit still for and then try trolling for Mahdi/blackfin. My questions are is maryland shoal a decent spot for yellow tail? Depth? And how deep water/ fast do you typically troll for blackfins leaving from big coppit 7 am. Thanks for advice


  • bigd9116bigd9116 Posts: 101 Deckhand
    Wind forecasts kept us in going to try first chance we get and will report. Thanks for any advice
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    We were in Marathon this week (left today) and we had decent success trolling tuna feathers or small plastic skirts around 6-8 knots between 100' and 200' just off the reef, early mornings best. Most of the bites from the furthest back in the spread, at least 150' back or more. Found the schoolie dolphin in 280 to 480' in birds working some small patches of weed lines as well.
  • bigd9116bigd9116 Posts: 101 Deckhand
    Thanks for the limited responses fishing report posted; many more to follow
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    No info on tuna.
    As you know, the dolphin bite has been slow, but reviewing the recent reports and the FAQ section will get you the info you need.
    For the reef, Maryland Shoal is good as will be many of the reef spots where there is a steep depth change and fish marked on the sonar.
    Depth, 60-75 to 150 feet.
    There have been a fair number of reports from the reef posted over the past month that might have some additional info.
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