Sailfish off BPK

Tried for some mahi the past few days, and have been unsuccessful. With all the choppy waves offshore we saw multiple sails free jumping. Today we decided to go and try to catch some and we had success. Found a huge broken weed line with gigantic patches in a rip. We got beat up by 4-5 waves in our 24' bay boat, but it paid off. Hooked into a 15 pound mahi, but it spit the hook. 5 mins later we saw a good size wahoo swimming under a weed line, and we did a 180 and went down the other side of the , and instantly hooked up to a sail. After dragging it away from an incoming tug boat we brang it in the boat for a quick picture, and trolled him to give him some energy, and released him in under 15 mins. After that we decided that the waves were getting to big for us, so we called it a day, and we were back at the dock by 11:00. (For those with bigger boats there are plenty of them out there, we saw most of them jumping in current rips)


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