Finally go out fishing again

After some agrivation with my new GPS/Sounder, wind and the family wanting to do things besides fish (Wakeboard, Dive, Snorkle, chill ETC)

we finally got out to so some fishing again. Ran out to a well know area west of Looe Key and started chumming and not long after the YT showed up (lost a few to a big **** Cuda). All caught on 15#test floro and small yellow jigs.

and we were able to get 3 nice 16"-18" grovers off the bottom. (lost a few to a big **** Cuda). All caught on ballyhoo plug on the bottom with #40 Floro.

When the current stopped and the fish left we ended up with a nice cooler of snapper.

Then headed to the patch reefs and did a little snorkeling.


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