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A new personal best..

On a whim this morning I decided to go hit it... Left the spin gear at home and only brought the whip to try to keep that thing in my hands more and learn more about it rather than taking it out once every 3 months.. I was hoping to encounter the same tailing drum that I found on saturday.. Launched at gray dawn and paddled into my target area.. It was blowing SE 8-10 pretty much the entire paddle but about the time I got there, the wind laid down, and the fish started doing their thing.. Had 4 separate pods of drum out in front of me so I staked out and jumped out since I'm horrible at fly casting in the kayak itself..

They were in about a foot of water, tipping and tailing, exposing their entire backs.. I slowly waded up to them trying not to make too much noise and then just behind them I see a couple red brooms pop up.. Really nice reds.. At this point, I didn't even care about those drum.. Was able to get within 30-40 feet of the tails and laid one in right in the sweet spot on the first cast.. He wasted no time pouncing on it and in a heartbeat the line was getting ripped out of my hands, he got me down to the reel and took all 90 feet of fly line in about 10 seconds.. I'm watching my backing just rip off the 8wt as the fish is throwing up a monster headwake out on the flat, schools of mullet panicking and jumping out of it's way.. I was shaking at this point and absolutely stoked.. He finally calmed down, and I began to gain some line, got back on the fly line and got about half of it back before he decided to make another monster run.. Got 3 good runs out of him before he finally came to me floating on his side.. When I got it in my hands I was just off the walls... Can't believe I landed it!




I didn't measure him but it's hands down my biggest red on fly.. Actually it's only my 3rd red on fly :rotflmao

A few minutes after I get a nice little drum as well..


The lull in the wind lasted less than an hour, and in this spot once the east coast seabreeze kicks in, the tails go bye bye.. And at that point usually so do I... Short trip with no big numbers but you can't wipe the smile off my face right now!!


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