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Where are the mullet and the tarpon?

By this time of year I am usually seeing a lot of mullet on the beach and tarpon rolling near the surf and in the river on flats (Ponce area). Anyone seeing them anywhere?


  • beachside321beachside321 Posts: 371 Deckhand
    South of you. Probably haven't quite made it up there yet.
  • AOKRVsAOKRVs Posts: 2,052 Captain
    Heading out of SI - monday - tuesday
    anybody seen them there
    I was will post a report of what we find

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  • Settin_HooksSettin_Hooks Posts: 237 Deckhand
    Been wondering the same thing up by pc heading out now will be looking while catching bait!
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  • SizuperSizuper Posts: 293 Deckhand
    Mullet has been rare as gold around Ponce for months.
  • mobydocmobydoc Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Saw some big schools of mullet in the port on Friday, pogies too. The water near shore was nasty though, red tide like scum and 85 degrees.
    Tight lines, Moby
  • moose3240moose3240 Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Hey guys, just saw this thread. Went out on Monday the 20th and ran into a school of poons 20 to 30, all around 80 to 100 lbs. caught 1 jumped 2 others using buck tail jigs, white. Went back out Wednesday and ran into a smaller school, not hungry! but, the BIG jacks were schooling and very hungry, had to get out the topwater for these guys!!!

    Both days were south of S.I. Along the beaches of Vero. Started searching about wabasso and working south from there to Vero.

    Heading out again tomorrow... Will report back in the evening!

  • beachside321beachside321 Posts: 371 Deckhand
    Found some nice sized back country poons today. Heading south out of the Port tomorrow to look for some upgraded ones.

  • Mugging MulletMugging Mullet Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    North Causeway NSB, if heading from the inlet they are hanging on the right side of the wooden wall ( not sure of the proper name lol ) / 1st pass through to the right of the channel. I threw everything and anything at them and couldn't get them to bite. They were rolling around and gulping up thousands of small minnows. Free line mullet, bottom rigged mullet, butterflied mullet top and bottom, pinfish, croakers, slow trolled live mullet, drifted crabs / shrimp under a bobber and popping cork, threw silver spoons at them, trolled lures of all sorts. LMAO. Maybe someone else will get them feeding.
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