Voltmeter goes to 0?

thumperdumperthumperdumper Posts: 374 Deckhand
2007 Merc Optimax 115.

It has always worked great until the other day. I turn the ignition and it reads 12v. Once I turn the key further to start the motor the volts drop to 0. Sometimes the starter kicks a slight bit.

At first I thought it was just not finding the neutral sweet spot in the shifter but figure even with it in forward, the volts are still present (I think).

It is a brand new battery.

Any ideas before I go chasing my tail?


  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,153 Admiral
    Corrosion at the Terminals or where the ends are crimped on the wires ???
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  • thumperdumperthumperdumper Posts: 374 Deckhand
    It was about midnight when I noticed so I did not have much time to fiddle. However when a small current is on - it shows 12v but when a load is applied it drops which makes me think it is strictly electrical (possibly a ground?)

    There is corrosion on the red battery wire on the battery termimal - so that will be the first check.
    I checked the ignition wires and they are clean. Ill have to figure out how they wired the ignition to the switch panel. Everything is bridged so say A goes to B, B goes to C, C goes to D, etc...and hell G could be corroded but it would stop there. Weakest link in the chain type thing.

    I just did not know if this was a common problem and had a common solution before I take everything apart. I will probably get new connectors and wire and rewire anyway since I am looking at all the stuff. :-(
  • flashback62flashback62 Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    Get yourself an inexpensive ac/dc voltmeter,almost a necessity when owning a boat, start at gauge when reading zero, work your way back to good voltage,as stated previous post usually connectors or bad wire.
  • thumperdumperthumperdumper Posts: 374 Deckhand
    That is what I am afraid of since everything is so intricately connected. 2006 Mako bay with a wiring job from hell. Factory guys taking shortcuts like it is no ones business
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