2 Props for Sale - Yamaha and Power Tech

DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
Have 2 SS props for sale, had them on Yamaha F150.

Yamaha Reliance has less than 200 hours on it, light wear, no dings, and includes thrust washer.

Model: Yamaha Reliance Series
Pitch: 19
Diam: 13 3/4
Blade/Rotation: 3R

The Power Tech prop has less than 15 hours on it, no wear, no dings, includes thrust washer and original box. Almost perfect condition, flawless.

Model: PTZ3R17PCL200
Diam: 14.25
Blade/Rotation: 3R
Pitch: 17

Located in Fort Myers area. Email me directly at [email protected]. And yes that is a real email address, use it as a shell account. :)

BTW - PT prop pics will be uploaded later today.


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