Humminbird 1198c SI ($1,100) and 998c SI ($600) - $1,500 for pair

jclark5jclark5 Posts: 8 Greenhorn
These units came installed on my bay boat and were great. We recently got a deal on some newer units so upgraded. These are in great condition and fully functional, and were wiped down with a freshwater cloth after every use. The 1198 was mounted on top of the console and the 998 was flush mounted into it, so since they came as a combo we are missing some parts. Here's what we have:

-1198 unit
-998 unit
-1 transducer (both units used same one)
-2 GPS position receivers
-1 mount for 1198
-Connection cables so the units have the same feed (we always have one unit showing map and one showing different sonar views)

I'd prefer to sell as a pair but would sell separately if needed. If sold separately, I'd pair the transducer with the larger unit. I've included a sample image of a tarpon school on the 1198. The GPS coordinates are free and should come as no surprise.

Direct Message me or post for more information on units or contact info.


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