Key West Stealth - switch panel cover?

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I bought a '09 Key West Stealth flats boat a few months ago. Was a great find, and I love the boat, but the layout of the Stealth puts the electrical switches right at knee height - whether standing or sitting while driving the boat. On more than a couple of incidences I've discovered after the fact that I had turned something on or off (usually without realizing it).

I guess the final straw came when I cut the on one of the baitwells (that had clothes, food, fishing gear, etc in). Ruined a lot of stuff by pumping in that salt water and not realizing it for a while.

I know - there's a water cutoff in the baitwell that would have prevented that. But still - is pretty annoying to accidentally cut on/off switches (one switch runs my GPS/sounder - sure is aggravating to cut it off and have to wait for it to power back up).

That's a whole lot of conversation to ask if there's some type of cover that can be bought that would protect these switches from accidentally tripping them? If so, any suggestions where I would find such a thing?


  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 8,283 Admiral
    I've dealt w/that before, it's annoying.
    Another option besides a flip-down cover could be to recess the panel in the console, if that's possible.
    Set it back 1-1.5" into the console. A brief search for a long, plexi cover turns up nada.
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