Buddy boat to west end July 7th-9th out of palm beach

Pursuit2470wpbPursuit2470wpb Posts: 64 Greenhorn
Have plans to head out of west palm beach to west end on our 24 foot pursuit July 7th coming back July 9th and would like a buddy boat for our first crossing. Let me know if anyone has similar plans. Thx.


  • benjibbenjib GeorgiaPosts: 3 Greenhorn
    I am interested In making the trip my self 
  • benjibbenjib GeorgiaPosts: 3 Greenhorn
    I Am interested in make the trip around your dates

  • benjibbenjib GeorgiaPosts: 3 Greenhorn
    Let  me know if you still looking for a buddy boat
  • Pursuit2470wpbPursuit2470wpb Posts: 64 Greenhorn
    Hey sorry my post was from our trip in 2016. We are going June 20 this year. 
  • CaptainBoomerCaptainBoomer JupiterPosts: 6 Greenhorn
    We're planning to head over towards West End on July 7th 2018 if you want to touch base with us give us a shout on this email and we'll discuss it thanks
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