Hospice KDW 2nd Place Wahoo and winning Calcutta's

Started trolling off of Boynton heading North. Got a king early on to get the team fired up and in gear. Next up was the grown man as buddy buddy calls the wahoo. Started screaming on the planer. After lines all cleared she popped up on the surface to make life a little easier. Drag and drown baby! Still no easy task reeling her in with the money on the line. Good team effort got her boat side and in the box. Caught on a Mr. Mullet bait! Shout out to my teammate Mr.Mullet (Doug Hansen) you can find his baits at most of the local shops. If your shop doesn't have them ask for them!

After not reading the rules right we ran about 20 miles off in search off some Phins. Found some scattered and managed to pull a 6.5lber off of it. We were trying to place in all the categories as we had the big daddy already so the plan worked. Went inshore to live boat and got several kings up to the 14lb mark. Lots of bonnies but we got our tricks to stay away from them pretty good. The dolphin was good enough for 3rd place. But I soon came to find out you can only win one prize per boat. BULL**** but my fault for not reading the rules more careful. So there was a 57lb wahoo caught on live bait that won the tournament and a 46lb that bumped into 1st and we were 3rd with the 40lb. Won both the big and small Calcutta but minimal money in it as the turnout was very small (65 boats) I think the structure and prize money scares a lot of the boys away.

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