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SEAFOX09SEAFOX09 Posts: 55 Greenhorn
I am wanting to put a stereo and 4 speakers on my boat. Looking at 4 kicker audio speakers and a gauge style stereo receiver. I am not wanting to put an amplifier on the boat if I don't have to. below I posted what I am looking at getting. Just wondering if this setup will work just fine without an amplifier.

MB Quart Nautic series GMR-1 receiver

4- kicker KM84 8" speakers.

Thanks for any info or suggestions in advance.


  • NewberryJeffNewberryJeff Posts: 7,349 Admiral
    That receiver is rated at 20 watt RMS output and the speakers are rated at 150 watt RMS. RMS = average power rating.

    They would sound ok but much better with an amp.

    6.5 inch speakers would sound better, especially at higher volumes, and be plenty loud (unless your intention is to blast music while underway).
  • Reel MusselReel Mussel Posts: 297 Deckhand
    I have a fusion with the ipod inside, and 2 fusion speakers in the side of the console with 2 JL cans in the T-top without amp and does great.


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  • Capt. PantsCapt. Pants Posts: 659 Officer
    The amplifier makes ALL the difference in the world... you don't need anything crazy, and can even get away with 2 speakers per channel, thus using a 2 channel amp, though I prefer 1 speaker per channel. RMS is what you are looking for, and don't get fooled by those 1000 WATT amp's... no more than 4 channels on an amp to avoid possible overheating. I have used Sony amps (600W) and BOSS Marine Amps (NOT BOSS!)... no issues whatsoever. Didn't have the cash to spring for the JL's.
  • Capt. PantsCapt. Pants Posts: 659 Officer
    To add... I have had great success with Infinity speakers... if you use a pair of 6.5" round speakers and a pair of 6x9's you will have a great sound with bass... tune your amp and you'll have great sound!
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,018 Moderator
    I've got four JL marine 6.5s and no amp. They sound great. What they are mounted into makes a big difference. I have all four of mine in large thinly glassed over plywood (tackle station and two benches in cabin)... they are straight up bad ****. I'm sure those half-filled boxes help and that material help, though. Absolutely no need for amp. They speakers run to head unit with removovable face on main cabin bulkhead. Head unit wired to "accessory" breaker at helm.

    Had Brand X speakers inside and JLs facing into cockpit. FIgured no-names would be okay out of the elements. Nope. They made it one year and took a dump. Put the JLs in and never looked back.
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    I wouldn't waste my money on 8" speakers unless you are planning on a amp in the future.
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  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,018 Moderator
    I wouldn't waste my money on 8" speakers unless you are planning on a amp in the future.

    Cool boat.
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