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Bantam1 : Stradic FI 2500 and 3000 handle knob interchangeability

aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 332 Deckhand
Can we get a Shimano Rep to confirm that they are interchangeable? It looks like from the schematic that the 2500 handle has a built in collar and the plastic collar from the 3000 FI will not be necessary.

The 2500 handle knob looks like it's rubber, not Septon. So if it fits the 3000, it will also fit the 4000 and 5000 size. I already confirm that you can slap a Spheros 6000 SW Egg knob on the the 3000-5000 FI for those who wish a more powerful knob. I prefer that paddle type and it would be great if I can just order the 2500 knob with the end cap and this would solve the melting Septon knob once and for all. The 2500 FI knob is only about $10 from Shimano. I would hate to order two of them without confirming that it will fit the 3000 FI


Never mind. Found out that the 2500 grip is also Septon, not rubber and his 2500 handle knob is also melting. It is a type A handle by the way so the FJ and **** handle knob will fit. It takes two 4x7x2.5 mm bearings.
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