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Late Report Solo SI 6/4, ARS, Mahi, Kings, Trigs, AJ's. VIDEO

Managed another trip down for redemption from my last attempt at grouper. Originally came down for the start of grouper season which got scrapped because the weather forecast was created by a drunken fool. This led me to replace my trailer lights which turned into its own fiasco due to inadvertently backing my boat down onto a manatee. those suckers are strong, and it resulted in a bent trailer guide and a snapped transducer (which didnt present itself until i launched out of canaveral two days later...) but i digress....

FINALLY, a month later i break the inlet at 0615 and headed to my bait ledge. Took some time and filled the well with tasty morsels. Pressed to my first reef @ 90ft, and conditions were perfect. Calm, slight roll, crystal clear water, extremely slow drift. All i can guess, however, is that the grouper have all succumbed to spear fishermen and/or the ARS have eaten them all. Had a few breakoffs, even had a hook snap. But after getting 12 in about an hour, plus a nice trigger (21in) I went to the 120 wreck. it was loaded with decent AJ's all around 15ish lbs. Pulled a 10lb king as well.

Decided to head to bottom fish again on the ledges but enroute i literally ran over a nice mahi so i circled back to give trolling a shot, and since i was broke off by some sort of beast on the wreck i tied one of my hardbaits to that rod and trolled slowly east back towards the ledge while i rigged some hoo's. Apparently that was the magic bait. It was hit three times while i was rigging, unfortunately all three broke off...the problem with treble hooks and using my deep rods... i could actually hear one of the strikes over the engine and the stereo. The teeth marks didnt indicate a cuda.

I eventually switched to only 2 hardbaits (not saying exactly what i was using, but they work) and managed a decent cow that i did just about everything to lose boat side but bailed her in. My trolling skills weren't exactly on point though and missed 2 others. Cant complain about the day though. Just wish i could get one more grouper, and maybe a hoo someday...

Anyway, here's a frustrating video.... https://youtu.be/bTJSHVWWDcA


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