3,000 GPS #'s in a digital format :: Gulf, Keys, Atlantic

roostyroosty Posts: 55 Deckhand
I have 3000 GPS #'s in a digital format that cover the Gulf of Mexico, the Keys, some Bahamas and South Florida that you can simply import into your machine. I was a huge skeptic at first when I got the papers from the private individual who was selling them. So i converted them all into a digital format for ease of use and to see them all on a map.

I worked out a deal with the original guy selling them on THT and you can buy the entire set of numbers digitally for $160. I will email the .gpx file you download and import into your chart plotter software and then export to your SD card for installation in your machine on your boat.

Its that simple. The only thing i guarantee is that the file will work. If you dont have the software needed to convert to your particular machine, i most likely have it for you or you can use one of the several free softwares available that will convert it for you.

I do not guarantee the accuracy of the coordinates, however, the several dozen public/well known numbers i have gone over had been very close and 4 out of 5 spots i have go over i have been able to find what the numbers are indicating with side/structure scan.

PM me for more info.


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