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Has anyone ever dealt with the bail spring mechanism on these reels? I never thought I would see the day when I would have to send a reel back to the factory to get a bail fixed. These reels have me at my wits end. I have had the parts for a few days now and I will fool with them for a while until I get frustrated. If they were my reels I would convert them to a manual pickup but they belong to a fishing buddy. I actually talked my friend into buying these reels because at the time I owned one and was very impressed with it. It isn't he spring that is broken. There are two pieces that fit into the end of the coil spring that then fit into the bail hinge. These are the pieces that broke. I have a 5500 sv that the same thing happened to and I gave up on that one also and converted it to a manual pickup. I was thinking about buying a clash but am definitely rethinking that.


  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,267 Moderator
    I serviced 2 of them; one had the same broken parts, the other was so corroded that the corrosion was the only thing keeping the bail working lol.

    I'm so glad I don't own one, and I've also told my dad to change his out as a result of my experiences.
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    I should have googled it!!! When I typed in Penn Conquer repair tutorials it led me to this: Now if I can just find the tiny pivot arm that went flying this morning before I went to google. The trick is to install the arm and pivot lever first, then slide the spring on. Chances of that happening are pretty slim.
  • wrightacklewrightackle Posts: 89 Deckhand
    Everyone loves a happy ending, By a small miracle I found that part that went into orbit over my workbench. Might have taken about five minutes to install the parts and get the bail working again. Working at the tackle shop people would bring a reel in that they had taken the bail spring loose to clean their reel. I know that they had been laboring to get that spring back in and finally just threw in the towel. It always amazed them to see the spring go back in so easily. There is always a trick to getting the spring in. Back in those days it was mostly Penn and garcia. Daiwa started to come on and then Shimano. Don't know how reel repairman keep up with the proliferation of reels these days. Glad I am far removed from that now. I have used alan tann's site and found it to be just an incredible source of information. Finding Scott's site today saved my bacon.
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    I have a 7 thousand that though I haven't fished a ton with it . I have fished quite a bit on kingfish to 30lbs on and it's held up magnificently
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