FWC Proposal To Commercial Seine Seatrout!!!

In Key Largo, in 2 weeks, the FWC is going to rule on whether to double the commercial take of seatrout to 150/boat to day, and to allow SEINING of seatrout.

This is madness....we know what commercials and nets (and a seine, is a net) did to Florida and how hard it was to get them mostly out.

To protest log onto the Snook Foundation webside (www.snookfoundation.org), and take the poll to stop the FWC propsal to commercially seine seatrout.

Also, send the eggheads at the FWC an email at:




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    and then open pompano and snook for seine netters.
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    From what I've been hearing it seems the meeting to discuss the proposed rule changes to the spotted sea trout rules are just a formality. And after reading the FWC's presentation on these rule changes I feel that is true. There are several comments like the one below that reference discussing the proposed changes with the commercial industry staff.

    "Most of the commercial industry staff contacted was in favor of this rule amendment."

    Why would the commercial industry staff not be in favor? They will be allowed to catch more trout. Here is the power point presentation for the proposed rule changes.


    Below is a link to a form you can fill out and e-mail the FWC commissioners with your comments on the proposed rule changes. If we have any chance of changing the commissioners minds on this they must hear from us, all of us. Please take a few minutes and let them know your feelings on this issue.


    Thanks to Captain Danny for the links.
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