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Team DTM Fishes the Striker

Fished the 2 day Fishstock striker this weekend with my 2 of my children Randall and Kimberly the other 2 were scheduled but for there health and safety opted out. After the first hour of the first stay I started thinking for one tineee weenie second that I should of done the same thing because seas were a little sporty. We got on a good king bite right off the bat we caught 10 had 1 that probably would have made weight (min 15lbs ) but lost it at the boat pulled hook:banghead the rest were snakes so we kept our limit and moved on out:fishing. Outrigger pops and were On!!! In 180ft a little of a screamer Randall on it and I sink the steel in a nice Wahoo sweet:cool we are on the board. At 200 we hookup again and Kimmy is on a phin we get it and its a pretty good fish:cool we now have 2 fish to weigh.:fishing:fishing:fishing. Not much after that maybe a few short strikes so we weighed wahoo close to 20 had 3rd place 1st day dolphin came up short by a few ozs of making weight:banghead

Day 2 seas were a lot nicer the early bite not so much as we tried for kings but it was not happening so after a few hours we made the call to punch on out. At 160 we came on a rip.:) lines in. Started working it and fish were on it. They were slapping the baits around left and right and soon I was behind on rigging the cockpit was littered with weeds and chewed up baits tackle strewn around and we didn't even have a fish yet:willynilly Then the outrigger gets hit again Kimmy does a dropback and sticks it.:cool Finally hooked up. Its a sail her first ever and we get a quick Pic and release on it. She said that was her best day ever and didn't care if we caught anything else. Back on the troll we went I catch a cow and later a bull both made weight but not big enough to place Randys fishIMG_2018_zpsnnezmmxo.jpg was knocked to 9th I believe. Good times with the Family. The big Dogs kicked Butt in the tourney Team DTM held our own and One Day.:fishing:fishing:fishing:fishing:fishing:fishing we will sneak in there and take the stage.:grin IMG_2020_zpsd2wh38qj.jpg


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