BIG pig!!

With our Canadian hog hunting friends gone but pigs still coming in it was my 15 year old Kaitlyn’s turn to take a stand. We’d be going to a stand that a sounder of 9 pigs have been coming in after sunset (mostly sows). This was her last day of school (which she skipped….) and figured this was a fun way to start off her summer vacation. As we were driving to the stand it occurred to me that hunting hogs when its 85 degrees won’t happen much longer. We wore shorts and light shirts under bug suits so we wouldn’t get too hot.

Hogs we were hoping to see …….

We settled into the stand at 4 pm and an hour later we had a doe come in & at 40 yards away she didn’t spook. That was encouraging as the winds were once again swirling. Just before sunset I turned on our red LED area light so we’d be able to see in the dark. As it’s getting dark a large black boar quietly slips in. On occasion this stand has two large lone boars that check out this sounder but we were expecting the average sized adults.

Kaitlyn turned on her green LED Kill light that was mounted on the rifle and slowly dropped it on the hog but had to wait a couple of minutes before the boar turned sideways offering a head shot. Facing away from us the whole time it never did turn sideways but it did turn its head to look in our direction two times. On the second time Kaitlyn took the shot at the base of the ear with the lil’ 5.56/223 black rifle and the big pig just dropped.

After an excited conversation we got down from the stand and approached it. There was no ground shrinkage!


It took a lot of effort and some blistered hands just getting it out of the woods at 2 – 3 feet a drag. This’ll be another memory that will never be forgotten!

What a pig!!!

Hoo Yah!!



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