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3 to 5 @ 9 seconds... Who's going out!

Seems like a good day to be on the water. I wait all year for these numbers.

I'll be out at 530 back by noon in my 17 key West.

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  • BluewaterfeverBluewaterfever Posts: 448 Deckhand
    Going out of Port about the same time. Going to try a little live bait trolling and see what happens. Part of the small boat fleet tomorrow as well,17' Mako
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  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 13,228 AG
    THought about it, but thought about the traffic at the ramp, plus i have a honey do list a mile long.
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  • redspot321redspot321 Posts: 62 Greenhorn
    Got a late start. Hit the inlet at approx 7am. There were 5 ft walls in the inlet and was 3 to 5 nearshore at about 5 second intervals.

    Turned back and fished the flats for a couple small snook, trout and 20in flounder.

    The 10 min spent offshore and ride through the inlet was sobering. I'll stick to 1 to 2.

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  • gandrfabgandrfab Posts: 21,685 AG
    Wind against tide can suck in a inlet. Call those waves deadmen because they aren't even moving.
    I normally pined it and got on top of them, but with a 17' I'd try to go around them.
  • BluewaterfeverBluewaterfever Posts: 448 Deckhand
    No traffic at the ramp, 0600, to speak of as well. Looked for pogies inside the port, nada. Proceeded to try and find a triple tail on the buoys, not a bite but lots of small baits and pinfish. Kept a few for live bait trolling, tried that for about an hour and didn't get a bite either. Stayed within 10 miles of the port untill noon when i put the boat back on the trailer.
    It was a little sporty but definitely doable. Looked around for weeds, debris and color change but the water was very dirty. No fish, saw bait inside the bight mid morning.
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  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,609 Captain
    I used to call 3-5ft forecast 3-to fish. Now with two total knee replacements and a bad back I stay on the porch. But man did the grouper chew on those sloppy days.
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