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Hernando beach with the kids

Since wildfire activity is low I'm Headed for a last minute anniversary trip to weeki watchie springs and hernando beach with the wife and two young children. We are bringing our 19 baycat to try some fishing as well. I hear the channel is rocky so Any suggestions on what to avoid to be safe? Also any suggestions on areas to try to get on a few fish. We won't be able to get too serious but snook and triple tail are on the bucket list. Thanks for the help!


  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 1,692 Captain
    I see that your question has gone down the list without a response. You must be new to the forum with just two posts. Not that many people on here go out of that area and i guess they have not seen your question. You should be able to catch trout in the flats by looking for grassy bottom around 4-8 ft. deep. I cannot help you with that channel, but I do know in new waters it helps to have someone watching for the next marker with you so you do not miss one.
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