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CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
Have gotten LIT THE F* UP the last 2 days straight. Macs and blues have been all over, anything Flashy getting hit - Kings have been limited out on the one pier w the deepest water in Broward ;) - you know who you are ;) Daybreak has been the time last couple days. Add a few limits of keeper pompano with COUNTLESS juvi's getting thrown back today. N NE winds looking good for the weekend. Break out those sand flea rakes and sharpen the teasers on the goofys - Saturday is looking good and Sunday may just be better. NW Winds to 20 knotts and seas at 8-10 spells POMPANO in Oct/ Nov......

I dont make many predictions - but if you had one weekend to pompano fish this fall run, it would be this one.


  • LokiLoki Posts: 141 Officer
    Thanks for the heads up!
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Goes without sayin though that if the storm picks up speed and we get winds from the W instead of NE, all bets are off - In fact Id stay in bed :) lol
  • SuperFlukeSuperFluke Posts: 1,889 Captain
    Is it just me or are sand fleas harder to find than pompano? At least in PBC, I haven't had much luck digging for fleas. Further north is a different story.
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Once you know how to spot the V's in the sand they are easy. Look in the same places you have found them before ( unless your favorite beach gets renourished, then forget about it ). They are commonly found in North Dearfield and up and down the span of Hollywood beach on either side of the Dania Pier. LBTS has some as do other places, but these are my usual haunts based on where Im fishing. Fleas take off soon after people show up - I have caught more from the piers using Jigs truth be told during the runs, however from the surf, you will not reach the pomps with a jig, so Fresh fleas, good frozen shrimp ( I buy at publix since its fresher and handled better than baitshop shrimp ) Frozen fleas and on occasion clam strips on a chicken rig does the trick. A Good bet is to learn to tie a dropper loop and make uyour own, as I prefer Circles to Khale hooks that come on the ready to make rigs - It also allows you to change hook sizes and bead color to suit whats happening that AM..... A HINT - Fish the beaches where u find the fleas as thats where the Pomps and Permit may hole up a day or so in their migrations
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    Nope no surf fishing this weekend it's going to be perfect kayak weather. Winds are going to lay down. Stop jinxing me
    me with crappy weather…;)
  • joedaddyjoedaddy Posts: 69 Deckhand
    I heard their favorite water temp is 72 degrees. So if you follow wherever the temp is hanging out at 72 the pomps are migrating with it.
    But that's just what I've heard.
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Joe - Pomps run up and down our coast in 2 Migrations. Fall and Spring. They ALWAYS Pass by - Its obnly when they get conditions that stirr up the sand and make the water a tad cloudy do they venture inshore close enough to cast to. Some years they venture closely to the shore much more often and some years they run past the T on the piers unnoticed. ALL Depends on how many days we get the NE Blow enough to stirr things up just enough - TOO much stir and they satay deep too =- Remember they run at the same time as Bluefish, so they dont want to get nailed by those sea- pirhannah either - They are Flakey - But they always go down in Fall and return MUCH fatter for spring.

    N of FT Pierce thay are a winter staple and hang around almost the entire winter. Up there it taked water temps in the 50's to get them moving down.....

    There's a guy named Zebco on the Boatlessfishing site is a commeprcial pomper - he may know that temp question. Pompano have much folklore surrounding them....

    sorry Potty - I only get 2-4 shots at pompano each year - im prayin for the blow. :)
  • LokiLoki Posts: 141 Officer
    Cookin, if you ever want to hike up north to the Indian River this winter for them let me know.
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Ended up 2 keepers and a few shorts off the goofy Sunday and was home by 10. Sandfleas were getting pelted by various other critters - but the best bite was on the jig, Sunday - The pier I chose was innundated w discharge water shortly after daybreak, so things slowed considerably w NO Macs or Bluefish strangely enough. Conditions for Pomps should remain constant through Wed - Watch the wheather. NE for a couple daya w enough surf to stir is the ticket!

    Loki - I will take you up on that as offshore slows a bit in winter !
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