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The Moon...

Was not really a friend. The last couple days had some heartbreak.
Yesterday, I was out early and on the first cast I am hooked to a monster snook. Hooking up on a first cast is bad luck and as bad luck goes...I fight this fish right to the boat...and as I reach down to grab a net that this fish is not going to fit very well in...she gives one more head shake...and is gone. I watch her slowly swim off. Next fish is a rather large river bluefish.....which does not get off...and thinking about my luck...I can foresee a finger being bitten and lots of blood....That, thankfully does not happen.
I jump off another pretty nice Snook before finally catching a few small ones. I run to a trout spot and catch a few before switching over to Reds....I got a few nice baits and caught a pair of bookend 23 inch trout...and then have a nice Red swipe (and miss) a bait but never came back for it. :banghead Not long after I did get a gorgeous 27 inch trout...but had to quit with no red.

Today, It started slow but found a few small snook so I could move on to trout...which was also pretty easily done once I found them. Caught about 10 before switching to the redfish search. I made a lot of throws...adding more trout and more snook but again I had a big snook on but broke her off....:banghead It was late and I hit a few spots but only saw 1 Red and got refused.
I decided it was time to make a big change...so I made a long run to look at a spot...As I got there I was not real encouraged...but since I made the long run....I was committed. It was only maybe 75 yards before I see a fish...hook up a nice trout but she shakes loose. I rebait and it is not long till I see a red...I made a safe presentation way long and just let it sit....what felt like an hour but was probably 2 minutes go by before it see's and charges the bait...and i'm hooked up.


Well, it's now 11:15...I'm 13 miles from the ramp and while that makes #35...I'm staying...and get this one.


Made the ramp at 12:15.... kinda a long day with a bit of fuel burnt..but was fun.
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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