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Where to get a boat bottom painted?

My son has his 26' WAC bottom painted and minor maintenance (bilge pumps, etc) done every other year, and it's time. The place he has used a few times did very shoddy maintenance last time, so e is looking for a new place. I do my own boat, but don't want to take on a larger boat. Any suggestions as to a reasonable place that does good bottom painting would be appreciated. Maintenance would be a plus. Prefer reasonable distance to Crystal River.


  • THINKICANTHINKICAN Homosassa, FLPosts: 571 Officer
    Magic Manatee on Halls River Road in Homosassa. New name is, I think, Homosassa Springs Marina. They've done good work for me. Phone number is 352 628-7334.
  • KeatonBchFisherKeatonBchFisher Posts: 297 Officer
    If Gainesville is not too far check with Mitch's Fiberglass 352-213-2712. He does great work on exterior stuff, and he will do basic maintenance, not sure he would do anything with the motor.
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  • wiperwiper Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Hammerhead, it's Mark from Homosassa Springs Marina mentioned above. If he still needs it painted we'd like a shot at doing it. As mentioned, we're under new ownership but have kept the painting methods perfected by the previous owners. We're seeing bottom paint last 2-3 years on the boats which have been done using our paint and methods. The key to a good paint job is in the prep work which includes cleaning off any growth, sanding or grinding down the old paint and applying the correct top coats according to the proper time windows. Bottom paint needs a specific amount of time to "gas up" which means allowing the gases to come through the paint so the solids can bind to the layer below them. Zena (our painter) takes pride in her work and follows the time tables and coating thicknesses exactly. Price is $30 per foot plus prep time (a boat with 4 inches of barnacle growth is going to cost more than a boat which has been maintained and just needs an 80 grit scuffing. We'll give you a firm prep time quote once we see the condition of the old paint.
  • DOCKSIDEDOCKSIDE Posts: 1,849 Captain
    Bulletproof Marine, Ray Vera, 6545 W Gulf to Lake Hwy. ( Hwy 44, at Glenn's Used Boats. ) 352-564-1149.
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