Native Paddle Pole FOR SALE

Native Paddle Pole FOR SALE; its a 4 piece pushpole/stand up paddle for kayak fishing or canoe fishing. Native Watercraft has stopped making this item and they are few and far between!! I just don't use the darn thing to justify owning it and have a keys trip coming up so could use some extra $$. Its in very good condition other than one little clip that attaches the pieces together rusted out, could just replaced or run a bolt and nut through it. These were 300$ + when they were being produced. Located in Bonita Springs, FL. 200$OBO Can text pics. 239-250-6152 -Tyler


  • krashkrash Posts: 633 Officer
    Hey Tyler, I know its a long shot in the dark... but do you still happen to have this Paddle Pole and is it still for sale ?

    sandy wilson, aka krash
    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
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