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How many throw cushions are required for a 21 foot boat?


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    I'll quote from the USCG publication "Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boats" page 7, para 3

    "All recreational boats must carry one Type 1, II, III or V PFD (wearable) for each person aboard. For Type V PFD's to be counted they must be used according to their label requirements. Any boat 16ft and longer (except canoes and kayaks) must also carry one Type IV (Throwable) PFD."

    Hope this helps out ISLA :USA

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    It really has more to do with the decorators plan, the seating arrangement and the overall look of the room.....

    fung shway
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    How many throw cushions are required for a 21 foot boat?

    I carry a single one and passed the USCG free vessel inspection. I wouldn't refer to them as cushions because it insinuates sitting on the device- which can wear it out, cause less buoyancy, and eventually rip the edges.

    I used to sit on one to keep it from flying off my boat underway- but after a few trips, I realized it probably wouldn't save anyone and replaced it.
    (avoid storing it below deck where it will get swamped too)
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