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Finished fixing the car yesterday, so when I woke up at 6am there was only one thing to do. Luckily there was some gas in the boat! Plus it was a chance to fish incoming, as outgoing has been spotty for me lately. Tide was a little low for the spots I wanted to fish, so I fished a new spot. FIRST cast gets a telltale explosion of a big Snook and its fish on! Fun fish with three big jumps came to the net at 35". Not super heavy, but athletic and not all raggedy like most of the big inshore fish. Had another Snook miss, Caught 2 smallish Jacks on one cast, but things got quiet, so I moved on to another bar and got into some big trout. At one point I had two overslot trout hooked on my lure and a third was trying to get some, 10 ft from the boat in clear water. It was cool! But I fooled around too long and one got off, but that was my one over slot anyway and the one I had in the live well was almost 20". Trout were on the lee side of the bar, oddly enough. Moved on to a couple spots I wanted to hit on the way home and caught a 31" fish that knew where every clump of Sargasm was and how to wrap around it. Home before lunch on a beautiful day!
I don't fish for trout much and these fish were fat, but when I cleaned them I found out that they both had roe in them, which I hadn't thought about or I wouldn't have kept them.


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