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Sunday 5-15-2016 - Hunting snotty bottom

After H&L saturday, Batb and I decided to jump in Sunday and see what's what. It was a bit bumpy Sunday morning on the way out but we made it out to 35' and made a couple dives. The water was clear and beautiful except for the filaments of algae that explode this time of year when the water is clear. My dive buddies refer to this stuff as "whale snot". We still had 20' to 25' foot of vis and the water was a comfortable 80 degrees. I thought you guys might like to see what it looks like from a fishes perspective. I did managed three nice hogfish and a couple of mangos. There were a couple of small red grouper and gags of all sizes hanging around the reef. Also as soon as I threw in marker buoy we had 4 or 5 golden file fish hanging out under it. As usual photo credit goes to my wife and dive buddy Barbara.



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