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Lost one of my closest Friends and Outdoor Mentors Recently

Over the last few years its been very tough on me and the Family watching my Dad deteriorate? He has finally lost His four year battle with Alzheimers & Dementia. He is now with my Mom and once again knows who he is and has been relieved of all pain. For the many that fished with him it was always a learning experience and over the years he was even able to teach his knuckle headed boys a thing or two about the woods and the water, Pops I will always be grateful for You showing me the ropes while also letting me know one must show respect to gain respect! You will be forever missed but as we both know it was time for Your next adventure! Its been quite sometime since I have splashed the boat but its time to figure things out and get back after-em he would have wanted it that way!

Picture of Dad and I from the mid 90`s
A picture of Dad on a day with me in 2012
coming in the Homosassa river when he was still
mentally and physically able to be on a boat
I already miss those days


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