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  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,737 Captain
    I'm not sure those pictures do them justice. I can't comment until I see them in person....hint, hint. :wink
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    And we finally got into the grill project. Of course the paperwork with the grill was basically worthless! No templates, dimensions, etc. At least the catalog provided some numbers that we could work with. This is all steel with tap-cons into the tile and wall. This will support the weight of the grill as well as the weight of the granite slab. This will be further reinforced with some interior walls of hardy-backer materiel.

    The grill goes to the left obviously and the rotisserie motor will plug in below. To the right, the 188 can drink/beer fridge will go under the granite slab. I'm hoping there will be enough room for a slender, oblong plastic garbage bin to slide in along side.

    Under the grill, a cabinet with two doors will be mounted. One door covers the slide-out tray for the gas tank and the other door covers two storage drawers. All stainless. More work on this on Monday....... :thumbsup


  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    I'm not sure those pictures do them justice. I can't comment until I see them in person....hint, hint. :wink

    Relax...... the Rock Boat Crew invitations are being printed...... :grin
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    the landscaping has been a 2-pronged effort with coordintion between the sprinkler guy (he's excellent!) and my Forum Rec'd landscaper Alan. Saturday it was finally time to start digging and planting. First, here's all the way back to Day One when the demo guys took out part of the original back yard........


    We've got twin robellini palms in front of the grill area so that I'm not looking at a white fence, house and roof while I'm grilling! The screens look darker than they really are.


    We had a single robellini put in front of the master bedroom windows which is a lot nicer to see outside than our neighbors roof.


    Alan designed the drain fields for the patio drain pipes. A special cloth was laid in the holes, then small rocks and then the cloth was pulled up "like a burrito" to encase the drain pips so that no mud/backwash will get back into the patio. These pipes will be completely covered in dirt and rock. Alan added a short, 45 degree downspout onto the end of the pipes.

  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    I finally got a peek at what the outdoor kitchen/grill area will look like yesterday! Austin had set the door/drawers in to place to size that up and placed the grill in its slot too and then he came and got me saying.... "It's time for another picture"!


    All the trim on the face will be covered in the same tile as the flooring and that will also be used for the back splash. The solid granite piece will be cut and finished to form the counter top. Underneath and to the right is where the drink fridge will go (it says that it will hold 188 12oz cans!) and I'm hoping to have enough room in that space for a slender rubbish bin........

    The sprinkler guy was here late yesterday and he's got all the new sprinkler heads dialed in for the back yard and all the new landscaping, so now we need to get the remainder of the plants in, lay some new sod, lay the rocks for the beds and finally, the crushed shells and stepping stones for the pathway that leads out into the back yard! It was so nice this past weekend to look out the bedroom windows and see a palm tree swaying in the breeze versus looking at our neighbors old Trojan boat and ugly roof!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Okay, finally have all the landscaping in! It looks great and we are very happy with it!

    The outdoor porch area came out very nice........


    Note the conch shells! I had to clean out the house to come up with the four but I plan to get some nicer ones soon. The "gravel" around the stepping stones is crushed sea shells. I had it "curve" in order to naturally head out towards the boat.....


    The grass/rock border is secured with Permalock........ We love the look of the wavy lines along the plant bed.



    We are now only waiting on the outdoor grill area to be finished. Finding a fabricator to properly cut the granite slab correctly has been the slow down....

    Once that's cut and installed, the grill can get put in and then the backsplash tile and final grouting can be done. The Alfresco grill did not come with a cookbook so I'll have to swing by Culinary Concepts to pick up one that has some great recipes for the rotisserie as I've never cooked with one before!
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Wow, awesome Gary!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    dpdash wrote: »
    Wow, awesome Gary!

    Next time you come by in the boat, the only part that will look "familiar" is the old Grady-White!
  • SaltydawgSaltydawg Posts: 1,290 Officer
    Very nice.

    Looks like you need a little weed and feed
  • copout@castaways[email protected] Posts: 5,779 Admiral
    looks really nice Gary!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Saltydawg wrote: »
    Looks like you need a little weed and feed

    The poor yard has taken a real beating over the last 5-6 months. The side yard has had any number of trucks, traliers, one Bobcat, etc running on it and once everyone is gone, the Port-O-Let is gone, etc, then the plan is to have my landscape guy come back on a rescue mission. We're still finishing up a master bath renovation at the same time but hopefully we are down to the last week or two on that one.

    The stone fabricator guy is coming by this morning to take measurements on cutting the granite slab for the grill counter top. Once he gets that done and installed, then the guys can install and hook up the grill, the tile back splash can be finished and I can start filling that 188 can fridge that will sit under the counter too! :thumbsup
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    I'll finally finish this thread off now that the entire project is complete! I wanted to wait until we had our first party, to show the patio, with its bells and whistles actually in action!

    Last Saturday, we had about 45-50 people over from my wife's office. Most are getting laid off and this was her way of saying "thanks" to her own team of about 30+ people. She planned the whole event and hired a steel drum music guy and a private bartender/kitchen helper lady so that we could enjoy the party ourselves.

    I had bought a nice, 188 can fridge for the patio but it turned out that with its glass panel in the door, that condensation built up so bad that a puddle was always in front of it! For parties, we'll use that as a supplementary drink fridge, but we also have a very cool "beer cooler" on wheels that just happens to barely fit below the grill counter top when it's not in use. We used a combo of coolers to seperate the beer, wines and soft drinks/waters and had a re-cyle bin and garbage bin out there as well. For this party, it was finger food and drinks only with the food inside on the dining room table.

    Since this was our first party, we were still figuring out where to set things up, but it turned out well. Here's the Drinks Area.


    The grill was not needed so it stayed covered. More about that later! Note the new beer cooler and the tray below filled with every cool-cup/koozie that I could find! That cooler even has a built-in bottle opener! Now my neighbor wants one! I had no clue this thing was coming until I opened the box after FedEx delivered it! My wife went a bit crazy with the new party supplies, but all of this stuff with get used over and over!


    So, here's the steel drum guy warming up. This was a perfect spot for him.



    We had the paddle fans on and the screen retracted and the nice breeze from the east helped out a lot. We left the hammock up but eventually it was in the way and I used the quick-disconnect to take it down. I slid the lounge chair under it, rolled it up and laid it on the chair........


    Remember how I wanted the knee high wall so that people could sit on it and how I planned it to be the same height as a dining room chair! Bingo!


    We found out that we now have extra seating for 18+ people............ just as I had hoped!

    After the party, I had no clue where the rolling beer cooler was going to be stored as our house is pretty small and we actually park both cars in the garage, but with the small fridge not being out there anymore, I found that it rolled in under the counter with about half an inch to spare!


    And finally, the new grill! Getting that slab of granite cut just right, getting the whole grill area built was a hassle, some tiles needed to be replaced, etc, etc, but I finally have it working now and I'm busy "practicing" with it! I did steak the other night and here are two grouper steaks and some shrimp. They were all marinated in a sesame ginger soy sauce lemon juice marinade for about 4 hours and it was delicious! The grouper is from my recent Dry Tortugas trip. I had half for lunch yesterday and will have the other half as soon as I finish writing this up!



    I still get a kick out of seeing people watching the screens roll up! Yesterday it was the diver who scrubbed the boat's bottom. Last week, it was the guy who cleaned the carpets! Everyone thinks that they are very cool and so do we!

    We LOVE the new patio and we also love it that we no longer have a leaky roof! If you'll recall, a large part of this project was an all new roof to replace the original, 48 y/o one! During the Fall, Winter and Spring, we'll really enjoy the patio when the temps are a bit lower and we plan to have a lot of people over for dinner as well as many parties!
  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,666 Captain
    very nice. glad you are enjoying it.

  • locoloco Posts: 1,294 Officer
    Nothing says excitement like a layoff party... that sucks

    But the space looks really nice, when's the forum happy hour?
  • copout@castaways[email protected] Posts: 5,779 Admiral
    loco wrote: »
    Nothing says excitement like a layoff party... that sucks

    But the space looks really nice, when's the forum happy hour?
  • plasteredplastered Posts: 329 Deckhand
    The patio looks great!!! We are doing the stucco on the house
    at the end of your canal now.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    plastered wrote: »
    Gary The patio looks great!!! We are doing the stucco on the house at the end of your canal now.

    You and your guys did a GREAT stucco job and with the blue & white on the three trays in the ceiling, it looks fantastic! One guy commented, "The blue of the ceiling looks just like the blue of the sky"! I replied, "Really? I think that you are right"! :rotflmao
  • FS BlairFS Blair Posts: 1,782 Admin
    Great thread, thanks for sharing. And to think it started with a question about a grill.
  • rodzrodz Posts: 668 Officer
    Gary M wrote: »
    Nothing super fancy, no fridge, gas lines or water/sink. Maybe a 30-36" drop-in grill into a nice cabinet with 18" of counter top on both sides and with storage below.....

    A lot of work but looks great! :beer Congratulations!

    But I must say with budgeting like that . . . you'd be a shoo-in for a government position. :grin
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    rodz wrote: »
    But I must say with budgeting like that . . . you'd be a shoo-in for a government position. :grin

    Yeah, but it's fun to see/read my original "ideas" and then to see how they changed in reality.

    "Nothing super fancy, no fridge, gas lines or water/sink. Maybe a 30-36" drop-in grill into a nice cabinet with 18" of counter top on both sides and with storage below"

    Once the grill area was blocked in and we took some measurements, I realized that it would be better to have the grill offset to one side and to have a larger counter top with a larger opening below. Since I'm right-handed, I knew that I wanted the counter top/work area to be to the right of the grill. It was only luck that allowed the beer cooler to be able to fill in the spot that the little fridge was going to take up!

    We saved $600 off the grill by buying last year's model and we were lucky to only pay $150 for that entire granite slab and the GC installed it all for free as a "thanks" for keeping him busy during slow times. The tile guy did that grill tile work for free also since he made a lot of $$ tiling the patio, the wall top and the master bathroom floor and shower......

    Yeah, the whole thread started with a question about a grill!
  • Lazy BonesLazy Bones Posts: 941 Officer
    Gary M wrote: »
    Yeah, the whole thread started with a question about a grill!

    That's always how it starts, LOL

    Thanks for the update, great project, glad to see you using it as intended. Always great threads, no matter the subjetc.
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