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  • treetopflyntreetopflyn Posts: 3,937 Officer
    Gary M wrote: »
    We should also get going with the new PGT Impact sliders next week as well. That appears to be a pretty straight forward swap out with the original 1964s.
    oooooh you shouldn't have said that. :nono

    Looking good Gmon. I'll try to swing by next week and take a look in person.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    oooooh you shouldn't have said that. :nono

    My GC took several close inspections of those sliders before he gave us his estimate so if it turns out to be a tough job I'll offer them a cold drink!

    Oh yeah, job foreman Austin who's from Harbour Island in the Bahamas? He was known as "DJ Island Boy" when he was playing tunes back in Harbour Island and he said that he has LOTS of Bahamian music and that he was going to make me a few CDs. I told Austin to keep in mind that there's "no such thing as Bahamian music that's too old" when he's looking for songs to put on the CDs! I love the really old songs and singers. Austin's never heard Picolo Pete out of Bimini so I'm going to loan him my CD! Hell, I may just play it while he's swapping the sliders out in the family room! His real name is Nathaniel/Natti Saunders and he recorded his first album at age 91!

  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Awesome Gary, it's really shaping up nicely. I almost swung by in the big boat the other day on my way up to our new dock.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Just give me a call first and I'll lay out a line of fender/bumpers on the Grady and you can tie/raft up.......
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Had a fun day today! The new patio furniture was delivered! Late yesterday, I gave the new tile a thorough pressure wash and it drained well so the new drains worked great! The fans on High for a fews hours afterwards made fast work to dry it all off.

    Knowing what color of blue that we were going to paint the ceiling trays, we took the paint color swatch with us to the patio store to try and match the cushions as closely as we could to the blue in the ceiling. The aluminum frames and table are in a medium gray and are "outdoor rated". The end chairs are swivel rockers and are very comfortable! The reclining lounge chair is MINE! :dance

    With the tile clean, I quickly hooked up the hammock as well.


    Here, you can see the kitchen window sliders that open up out on to a 14 foot long counter. When opened up, it keeps anyone in the kitchen, still a part of what's happening at the table. This works great for dinner parties where we usually line the food up along the counter top.....


    The table and chairs are all vert sturdy and the chairs are super comfortable.....


    Today (Fri), the screen people were set to come out to install everything but they've delayed that a second time until next Weds. My GC is fuming so hopefully he'll light a fire under their ****. Also next week, the new impact sliders will go in and the speakers will go up.

    For now, I'm sure that we'll enjoy a meal or three out on the new furniture this weekend! :hail
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Beautiful G-Mon!!!

    "You" can tell the difference between this new patio since you were one of the last folks to see the old one!
  • MahiMahi Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    wow Gary it's looking fantastic! really has come along nicely Thanks for taking the time to post all the progress up
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Mahi wrote: »
    Thanks for taking the time to post all the progress up

    Not a problem...... It's been fun for me to keep track of all that's happened going back 4 months now!

    Today's update is officially listed as LOUD! I've got the guys from Foulke Construction here installing the new impact sliders and the guys from Phantom Screens showed up to get the retractable and fixed screens all put up. Four trucks out front, two jobs going out back, five guys working......

    Here's Austin laying out and assembling the frames for the sliders yesterday. Adam's getting ready to paint the inside of the "pockets" where the retractable screens will roll up into. He's painting black up in there to cover the many different colors of wood, metal, etc to give it a cleaner look.


    We have a single set going into the Office/Kitchen and another single set going into the Master. The Family Room has a double. We looked into sliders that overlay each other and then swing wide open to take advantage of the full opening in the wall but they are really big bucks unfortunately, so we're back to regular sliders. We bought PGTs that will match the sliding windows up over the kitchen sink. That's a cheapie "Lazy Susan" thing on the patio table for when we have people over for dinner. Put condiments, etc on it. Plus, it not only matched the table color, but it neatly covers up the hole for the optional umbrella! :thumbsup


    Today, they are tackling the bigger, double wide that goes into the Family Room. Tomorrow, the security system guys come out to re-connect all the sensors. You can see here, how "neat" the guys from Foulke Construction are. They are really good about keeping the dust and dirt to a minimum. The Shop-Vac is always close by........


    Here the screen guy is working on the first retractable screen. I asked for the most "invisible" color and this looks pretty good! Today is the day that all the coordination between my architect, my GC and the screen people comes together. The patio was designed and built, with these screens in mind. Both for easier installation, but more importantly, to "hide" the rolled up screens and make for a super clean installation.


    I'll post some more photos when this is all complete and cleaned up....
  • plasteredplastered Posts: 336 Deckhand
    I was worried we would have to do some stucco patches
    around the new doors but it looks like there fitting pretty
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    plastered wrote: »
    I was worried we would have to do some stucco patches
    around the new doors but it looks like there fitting pretty tight.

    Nope..... so far so good! They guys are very careful. The sliders are all in and today they are finishing off the gaps with some nice trim pieces. The screen guys were careful as well.

    Also, now that the screens are done, they will further "hide" the retractable spools up top with some long pieces of hardy-board and then paint them to blend in. Then, all that will be seen by looking up will be a thin slit where the screen slides up and disappears!

    You guys should have seen my wife's face last night when I hit the "UP" button and she saw all three panels quietly go up and disappear! :dance These screens are very, very cool!

    FedEx dropped off a new toy that I ordered for the patio but I'll have to wait to show you that one......

    Once the final, final, final Inspection is signed off, we can get going building the outdoor kitchen/grill area up. That and hook up the speakers, hang some cool art work on the walls and the patio interior will be done!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    These retractable screens are awesome! I can controll them one at a time, or all together. I can stop them at any time. The three motors are very quiet and they are adjusted perfectly to gently sit on the wall when Down. Comes with its own little remote of course!


    Here, you can see the long hardy-board that was installed with just three screws to make it easy to take down if any work needs to be done on the spools, the motor, etc. These will be painted yellow when the painters come back to do the rest of the house.......


    This has made for a very neat and clean installation. Again, this goes back to the co-ordination between the architect, my GC and the screen folks right from Day One.


    They are set up to sit neatly on top of the knee wall...... just as I had wanted.


    I chose white hardware to go along with the white ceiling inside and to make it less visible. The screen looks darker from the outside than it really is. My landscaper and I plan to finish this area off with a small palm tree and some colorful landscaping. We'll have a curved walkway that will extend off the outside porch that will reach out about 6 feet and point towards the boat. To the right of that, along the wall, we'll have some colorful plants..... nothing tall or fancy. The focus will be around the grill and door/porch area.


    I chose to have the grill area fixed screen to be mounted on the outside wall as that gives a neat, clean "shelf" around the inside of the grill area. Perfect for a beer in a cool-cup!



    And this morning, (although the patio is only 90% complete), we had our first meal outside! Here's the "before" breakfast photo.


    And here's what happened shortly after breakfast! Good for her!


    We are waiting on some final inspections. Yesterday an "Engineering Inspection" was scheduled and of course the Inspector no-showed! :banghead Thanks pal! At least my sprinkler guy and home alarm guy called to cancel! We have a few last minute things that need to be "done" and we want to wait until after all the Inspector crap is done. Each guy has his own "interpretation" of the Regs and the outdoor grill/kitchen area and speakers are two things that we'll take care of after we pass our Final Inspection. Hopefully that will happen next week and we can finish the patio off once and for all.......
  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,737 Captain
    Gary, it's really nice to see how well your vision has all come together. I know it's been a lot of effort, but you and Mrs G-mon should enjoy it forever.
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Very very nice Gary!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    I know it's been a lot of effort, but you and Mrs G-mon should enjoy it forever.

    Mrs G-Mon took advantage of the hammock today by reading her Kindle for a few hours............ shades of Mrs Bob!

    Some neighbors came over today and I just love to hit the UP button for the screens and then watch their faces! "It's so quiet!" "Wow, that's SO cool"! "I wish we had those"! :dance
  • SaltydawgSaltydawg Posts: 1,290 Officer
    Looks very nice, but one question why the screens? Is it to block the sun or keep the bugs out? I am buildinga patio and am just curios.

  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Saltydawg wrote: »
    Looks very nice, but one question why the screens? Is it to block the sun or keep the bugs out? I am buildinga patio and am just curios.

    Very good question!

    Bugs, mosquitos, lizards, possums, moths, dirt, dust, grass, cats, dogs, iguanas are all possible or real problems around here! And yes, we even had a bird fly IN our the house on one nice morning when I had the back of the whole house opened up last fall!!

    The house originally had a screened in patio. That got blown out by Katrina/Wilma and since then the patio furniture stayed filthy from dirt, grass, etc. I'd spend 2 hours washing it and the next weekend it would be dirty again. My wife was against the screens at first but realizes now, that for our house, it's better now.

    The back of the house faces east and we're just 2,500 feet from the ocean. The afternoon sea breezes come off the ocean and naturally blow onto the patio, bringing dirt, grass, dust, bugs, insects, etc with it. But it's mostly the lawn guys with their mowers and blowers that kept the old furniture dirty. But now, we have the *option* to have them up, or down as we want. With them down 95% of the time we can leave the back of the house open (three sets of sliders as well as large kitchen slider/windows) and not worry about what might come in. I literally watched a big fat possum walk across the patio one night while watching TV with the blinds open and thank goodness the sliders were closed!! :hairraiser

    The knee wall was also thought of as an additional "barrier" to the dirt, grass, etc and with a bed of plants across the back, the mowers and trimmers will be even further from the patio floor and furniture. With only the one screen door, in the event of a serious hurricane storm surge, I can now tape off and sandbag that one opening and have the back of the house sealed from an overflowing canal. At least that's the theory!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    I just stumbled upon a photo that I took about 2 years ago and it was this ceiling (at a beachfront hotel) that gave us the idea for our own ceiling. Almost everyone who's seen the patio so far has commented on our own blue & white ceiling!

    No doubt that I got a few odd looks as I was out there taking photos of a ceiling! :huh

  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,155 Officer
    This is pretty outstanding...
    What are you doing for the exaust of the grill smoke? (maybe u said it somewhere in these 14 pages.. :-)
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    MGD wrote: »
    This is pretty outstanding...
    What are you doing for the exaust of the grill smoke? (maybe u said it somewhere in these 14 pages.. :-)

    Heck, I don't even know if I mentioned that!

    We discussed it with the architect and builder and decided that for the height of the ceiling, how the grill area is built, its proximity to screens and air flow, that we would not need a dedicated exhaust fan. It would have added to the cost of the roof construction as well as buying the large exhaust fan itself. In ten years of using a pretty big grill-on-wheels under an 8 foot ceiling, we never had a problem. The new one will be under a 9.5+ foot high ceiling with good air flow.......
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    It looks like the Final, Final, Final Inspection could get done today! We still have a few things to finish up with after we get signed off and I'm really looking forward to being 100.00% done out here.

    I just got off the phone with my landscaper (Rec'd by a Forum guy! :thumbsup) and he's coming out to clean up and level off the leftover dirt from when they dug up the old patio, etc and once we have it level out back of the patio, my sprinkler guy will be able to come in and install some new lines, heads, "misters", etc. Then, the new plants, sod, etc can be put down...........

    The patio has become a "job site" itself since we've now started to renovate the master bathroom! Everyone's being very careful as you can see and most of the Subs are the same guys that worked on the patio.


    When the Subs come over, I love watching their faces when I hit the UP button on the retractable screen remote! The tile guy blurted out, "You gotta be f*****g s******g me"! I sure am having fun with that UP button! :rotflmao
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    FINALLY! With the Final Inspection signed off, we were able to custom install the new outdoor (to Military Specs!) speakers!

    The reason we waited was because we might have had to apply and pay for a "Low Voltage Permit", if you can believe that! One Inspector may have let it slide, another may have made a fuss. So, yesterday was the day!

    I wanted to mount them above the kitchem windows but we knew that part of the area above them was solid concrete so I dug up this photo to help Austin and I decide where we could run two tap-con screws in to secure the bracket as well as to be able to drill a hole in order to feed the speaker wire through. We also wanted to be careful that the speaker wire hole was not covered up with a roof truss beam.


    I took the above photo and enlarged it and with that close up view, Austin and I were able to estimate how high to mount the bracket as well as how far left/right to mount them and to not cover the speaker wire hole with a beam. Once we had the holes we drilled, we sent young/thin Adam up into the low attic where he found the speaker wire that the electricians had left bundled up in there, and he fed it out of the two holes. Notice how little room he had up there!! :willynilly I connected the wires and Austin lifted eack speaker up (8lbs a piece!) while I fed the slack wire back into the attic. This made for a slick and seemingly "wireless" installation!


    The "pineapple" on the window is actually a thermometer so that we can see the temp from the kitchen. We bought that at one of our favorite stores in the Abacos, "Iggy-Biggy"! The "Blue Marlin" clock is one that we bought at one of our favorite stores in Islamorada, "Lattitude 25". Every time we go in that store, we always come out with more cool stuff for the house! I see a nice area for some sort of fish/art work in between those speakers! Something with some COLOR!


    Austin, the foreman for Foulke Construction is originally from Eleuthera in the Bahamas and over there he was "DJ Island Boy" at some hotels, etc. He has a LOT of music loaded onto his computer and with our mutual love for Bahamian/Calypso music, he made a CD for me and I thought it was appropriate that we play that first! Austin, Adam and I all enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio, complete with some island tunes!

    I'm picking up the new grill, etc next week. Culinary Concepts offered to build and install the new grill for about $1,300. As a "Thanks for all the business in these slow times", Scott Foulke has offered to build it for me for free! We most likely will use some leftover tile in that project and we already have bought that gorgeous slab of granite for the grill counter top. We will do this project when the tile guys come back to tile the master bath renovation that is moving along.......

    My landscape guy (Rec'd by a Forum guy!) came by yesterday with his crew and they neatly cleaned up around the patio and now I can get the sprinklers re-worked and get this whole landscaping project finished. Grill area and landscaping and it will be 100% DONE!
  • TriplecleanTripleclean Posts: 6,591 Officer
    Wow, I thought the forum would have crashed during the project but were all still here!

    It's now time to start having fun out there.
  • SaltydawgSaltydawg Posts: 1,290 Officer
    Why not mount flush speakers in the ceiling? Those speakers are an eye sore to me.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Saltydawg wrote: »
    Why not mount flush speakers in the ceiling? Those speakers are an eye sore to me.

    Seeing as how they are mostly above and behind us when we're on the patio, to put them in those nice, clean ceilings might make them even more of an eyesore..... Our architect had all sorts of crown moldings, lights, etc up in the ceiling trays and we just wanted to keep it simple and clean looking. This works well for us.......

  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    great build....i did a 2 room addition and pool myself and just about got a divorce in the process! Nice job
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    We finally made it down for a Keys weekend and we hit about 10 stores, roadside vendors, etc and we brought home five cool pieces of art work for the patio!

    We actually got all of them at two stores and were on our way out of Key Largo yesterday when we tried one last spot, the old Shell World there. We wanted something fairly big to put on the far wall and above the hammock. When my wife spotted this one, she said, "here it is"! We love Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos and have visited there and spent many nights there both in a cottage and aboard our 30 Grady-White. We love the quaint little village of New Plymouth and that has a special meaning because my wife's father was born and raised in New Plymouth, New Zealand! This one was a no brainer. It was a bonus that the green frame matches the hammock color........



    We wanted four smaller pieces to place under the four downlights and we feel that we hit a home run here as well. We got the turtle, crab and fish at the new Shell World (huge and a great store!) and they actually have stained glass in the middle and knew that they'd look great under the lights! Just $19 a piece!



    Our gecco used to be in the master bath but since that has been gutted in its own renovation, we wanted it on the patio.


    Our fourth one is a fish and it's above the switch panel. We also took down this bigger piece from the office as we knew that it would look great out here!


    Overall, we are very happy with what we've found. I'd love to find a Mutton Snapper thing to put in between the speakers above the kitchen window and maybe one more piece to put above the double sliders going into the family room. That might mean another fun weekend in the Keys!

  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Love the GTC Sign!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Here they are at night........ not an expert photographer I know!


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