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    jad1097 wrote: »
    Why didn't they run any electric in the slab? You could recess some receptacles in the columns. You could even add some lights for the back yard in them.

    Plans didn't call for them! The architect has some custom lighting features set up and we already have some electric outlets on the house walls out there. The dock has power and lights on 3 of the 5 pilings already. The plans calls for some tiny lights which will shine down the inside "side" of the columns and the ceiling will have some custom lighting as well. In the evenings, the residual lighting from the inside of the house is more than enough for general lighting out there. The three paddle fans (Dan's Fan City!) will also have a custom feature!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    BAMF wrote: »
    And some snook lights! I'll pay for the installation if you give me the coordinates!

    Ya know, we've been here for over 10 years and everytime I'm on the dock or the boat (it's in the water), I'm "looking" and have never seen a snook! Nor a snapper, nor a baby cuda, nada......I did see a tiny sheepshead once but that was in 2001. We just are too far from any inlet to have good enough water for snook, etc, but trust me, I DO wish that they were around! We occasionally get small jacks chasing bait fish but that is a seasonal thing.

    And, I DO have some awesome ideas for a "Dock Project" someday!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Here's another update.

    The guys continued working on the five columns and framed them at the top to get ready for pouring the concrete. The rebar rods will be lowered from the top and then tied in with the ones that were sticking up in the foundation. That's what the openings in the bottom block are for. 16 x 16 hollow concrete blocks filled with rebar-inforced, poured solid concrete for the columns!! Strong enough?


    Here, you can see the beginnings of a short wall that will be built all along the back and sides of the patio.


    It will serve two important purposes:

    1) To add an additional barrier from dirt, etc from the lawn being mowed, edged, windy days, bugs, lizards, etc. This will keep the patio as well as the new furniture much cleaner! With the open patio that we had before (keep in mind that with no pool/deck right there, the grass, dirt, etc kept the furniture filthy all the time.....) it was a never ending battle to keep it all clean!

    2) We planned to have the short wall to be about 18' high at the top of the tile covered wall cap. Why 18"? Because that is how high a standard dining room chair is! And our little secret custom feature for this patio will be electric, retractable screens. These retractable screens provide three purposes as well:

    A) When down, they keep the bugs, lizards, birds, etc (and even more dirt, etc) out of the patio, B) at the touch of a button they can be retracted on those nice days when I want to fully open up the house, and finally, C) when we have a party, our guests will have a nicely tiled bench area as additional seating..... hence the 18" high. We saw them at a Home Show and our architect, builder and the screen folks worked together to make sure we'll end up with a smooth, discreet installation during the building of the patio.

    With that wall, we wanted to make sure that we had some scupper/drain holes for when I hose down the patio tile. Here' you can see the four, 2" PVC drain pipes. The patio floor was poured with a slight slope to allow easy drainage. I plan to fill that trough with gravel to provide a narrow drain field outside the patio. The pipes will have removeable caps to keep the lizards, etc out.


    Here, you can see that the boys from Fischer Electric have already started on their work to allow us to have some small lights on the two middle columns. They will be small and only strong enough to gently illuminate the inside face of the columns. The columns will all be painted white. I'm having a hard time finding good lights for this installation as they need to be good quality.


    Finally, we have the outdoor kitchen area getting some work. The electricians are going to set this up with two outlets up top as well as some electric down low for when the folks from Culinary Concepts actually build the grill/kitchen area as the grill that we've selected has a built-in rotisserie.........


    And finally, the guys from Reliant Roofing will have to deal with plenty of this! Keep in mind that this is an all-original 47 y/o roof! The smaller sections with T & G they will repair that way. If they find larger areas, it will be replaced with 3/4" roof plywood. I met with the roofer the other day (he was Rec'd from a Forum buddy!) and he wasn't that concerned with the rot..... he must see it every day! He's more concerned with the many, many coats of paint as well as the coats of sealant paint that has been put down over the years!


    And while the roof is fairly opened up, we plan to re-cable the house with all new TV cable and to run it inside the house/attic/walls to get rid of the old cable that was simply attached to the walls, facia, etc.

    Oh, and get this!!!! Broward County demands that I pay for a "Low Voltage Permit" in order to install outside speakers! There's no inspection, but just another "tax/theft" on a citizen because he wants to enjoy some nice tunes outside!
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    Looking good! BTW, just because you haven't seen any gamefish behind your house doesn't mean they aren't there. I've caught a ton of snook/tarpon/ladyfish/jacks etc below Commercial bridge over the years, that's not too far. Put some lights out in the water and you will be amazed at what it attracts
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    Update Time!

    As I write this, the guys from Reliant Roofing are up there tearing off the original flat, concrete tiles that were laid in 1964 and it sounds like they are dropping bowling balls on the roof!

    From last week:

    Here's Austin lowering a "lintel" onto the columns. These are kind of u-shaped on top so that it can be reinforced and then have concrete poured in it!


    Here, you can see the steel rebar that are dropped down inside the columns. The opening in the bottom block allows the rebar to be tied to some short rebar that is sticking up out of the foundation. These will be filled with concrete soon. Strong enough?


    From today:

    Here you can see how the lintels are in place and another row of block has been laid on top of them! This is looking at where the screen door will go. The outdoor grill area is to the far left.


    You can see that Austin has strategically placed most of the roof trusses on the patio, in sequence to when they will go up. The roofers are hard at work....Nothing fancy here, just hard work! A flat shovel gets jammed in under each tile and then lifted up and ripped off the roof.


    If you HAVE to be a roofer, this is a great day weather-wise. Temps in the low 70s, breezy and overcast! The guys placed big tarps all around the house to catch the scraps that fall off the sides. Nice.......


    The concrete truck will be coming back again to pour/fill the columns and the short block wall. That will have a concrete "cap" poured on top and that will be covered with tile that will have rounded edges on both sides. Those will provide for some additional seating when people are over and we have the retractable screens in the Up position. They will also pour the foundation for the small area just outside the screen door. This will tiled with the same tile as the patio for continuity. You can also see my TV cable hanging here! We plan to run that up into the roof/attic and then feed it inside the wall and out behind the TV in order to hide the cable entirely. We will try to hide the outside speaker wires this way as well......

    Because we are running into the Holidays and because my "roof" will actually be two roofs that need to be joined together, we will have to be careful to minimize the time that the back edge of the original roof is peeled back and exposed. That will be necessary in order to "tie" the house roof and all-new patio roof, together. My GC is afraid that if we get in there and then need something else custom made, that we may not be able to get it done between Christmas and New Years, so we will have to make an important decision at the last minute with regards to possibly just waiting until after New Years to tear the old roof open....... especially considering the winds that we have had here lately........ I'm all for being patient.........
  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Captain
    Looking good Big G. Can't wait to see the finishing touches. Low voltage permit sounds like a joke too.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    dpdash wrote: »
    My Uncle who spent over 50 years in the Concrete business told me when I had my pool deck poured, " there is only two types of concrete, cracked concrete and concrete that is going to crack":p Looking good!

    "So far".......................... not a crack can be found! :beer
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    001 wrote: »
    Looking good Big G. Can't wait to see the finishing touches. Low voltage permit sounds like a joke too.

    Yeah, we'll have more than a few pretty cool "finishing touches"! We've been thinking about and planning this project for several years now...... plus, we watch a lot of HGTV!

    The low voltage permit? Just another "tax"........ like my $85 permit for a new front door......
  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Captain
    Gary M wrote: »
    Yeah, we'll have more than a few pretty cool "finishing touches"! We've been thinking about and planning this project for several years now...... plus, we watch a lot of HGTV!

    The low voltage permit? Just another "tax"........ like my $85 permit for a new front door......

    I've got some big plans for shop at the new house I will be closing on in the next couple of weeks. 36x50 with a big bonus/trophy room in it. I am not excited about the permits that will come along with it. I have built in Osceola County before and know how it can be a pain though. You just have to jump though the hoops and pay the fees.
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Sounds like the next Non meeting is at your house!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Concrete Pouring- Day Two!

    The patio/roof structure got signed off and approved for the next/last batch of concrete pouring and that's to finish off the knee-high wall, the tops of the roof beams, the grill wall and the small outside patio area.

    Filling the knee-high wall.... this is steel re-inforced too!


    Smoothing the little wall out flat. This will get covered by the same tile as the flooring and will provide extra bench seating when we have people over. The electric retractable screens will lower right onto the top of the wall.


    Here's Job Foreman Austin smoothing out the top of the grill wall. Fixed screening will go down on that. In his earlier days back in Harbour Island in Eluethera, Austin worked as "DJ Island Boy"! We both share a love of true Bahamian music....


    Up on the scaffolding, Austin's smoothing down the top of the back wall where the roof truss will be attached. The architect had straps that met hurricane "Code" but my GC and I decided that slightyly longer. stronger straps would be better! The kind of "cross-shaped" straps are now embedded in the solid concrete that was poured into the block at the top. I never mind a little overkill when it comes to my new roof!


    I know that I didn't "need" to tell the concrete guy this but it made ME feel better to let him know that this new concrete needs to be LEVEL with the original slab since we'll have continuous tile laid on the inside as well as this little outside patio. The screen door will open here.


    The grill area again. When the boards are peeled off we'll find two, double sockets up above and you can see the lower pig tail as well. I don't know how the guys from Culinary Concepts will need to hook up the electric for the built-in rotisserie when they install/build my grill cabinet so we've got all the bases covered.


    Yesterday, I got my new Polk-Audio Atrium 7 speakers and they are 8 lb monsters! Probably a little too big but hey, I gotta have my tunes out there! They will be mounted on the wall above the 14 foor wide kitchen windows.

    I ordered some outside patio lights from Light Bulbs Unlimited and they are in a "satin aluminum" finish and are rated for "Outdoor Use"! The Polk Audio speakers are "military grade" rated units for Outdoor Use as well! On a saltwater canal and just 2,500 feet from the beach (and the patio faces East), I knew that crap from Lowe's etc just would not hold up. Been there done that one. The lights will be on a dimmer. Four of them go on columns and shine straight down. The other one has twin lights that are moveable and will be installed in the ceiling right above the grill.
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    Looking sweet Gary. If you ever decide to let a Democrat on your property let me know :)
  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,666 Captain
    Looking sweet Gary. If you ever decide to let a Democrat on your property let me know :)

    you are a democrat? and i let you on my boat?? and didnt throw you into the water? why didnt you disclose this before?

  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    alacrity wrote: »
    you are a democrat? and i let you on my boat?? and didnt throw you into the water? why didnt you disclose this before?

    Haha...I'm a registered independant, just pulling Gary's chain...I'll show you my voter ID on out Tugas trip. One day :)
  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,666 Captain
    Haha...I'm a registered independant, just pulling Gary's chain...I'll show you my voter ID on out Tugas trip. One day :)

    no need, doesnt matter to me.

  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Happy Holidays!

    After taking a nice Holiday break (for all of us!), the guys hit the ground running at 0730 Monday morning and with a week of dry weather, it's full speed ahead to get the new patio roof up and covered by Friday! There will be a few days this week, where the house is "exposed" because of the need to tie in the new roof onto the old roof.

    Job one was to start cutting off the ends of the original roof trusses to make them flush with the back of the house/patio walls and to peel back some of the new tar paper on the original roof. Some black/rotted wood was found, mostly with the tongue-and-groove boards of the original roof along the back edge! It was good that they were getting cut out anyway! Just a saw's-all and some muscle.


    Reliant Roofing sent two of their guys over to work with Austin as well as my GC who was in the thick of things himself!


    Before the Holiday break, Austin had stacked the trusses up in the patio in the order that they would be going up and all the trusses are carefully labeled. Almost likie putting a giant model together! Here goes truss # 1 up near the master bedroom.


    The Admiral was off yesterday and didn't want to listen to all the banging, etc so we got out for a few hours of some errands. We saw the cold front clouds moving in and hoped/prayed that no rain would fall...... and it did not. We got home to find that they had made Major progress during the day! The main trusses were all up and lightly nailed upright with some 2x4s. Here, you get a feel for the fairly low pitch of the new roof. The house has a very low pitch itself so the architect was carefull to keep the new roof along those same lines, yet to give us the "height" inside the new patio.


    I got out this morning before the guys showed up and here, you can see how the roofline across the back is just laid open right into the attic!


    You can see here how the original trusses have been cut flush with the wall above the kitchen window.


    Several places have double, or in this case, triple trusses that will then be tightly connected together.


    It almost is starting to look like a real patio! Just having the trusses up, gave us the "feeling" of the size and roominess that the new "room" will give us!


    Last week, I got my wife over to Culinary Concepts in Pompano so that she could see better, what our grill and outdoor kitchen will look like after they build the cabinet and install the new grill. They have an example of the grill model that we are getting so that gave her a good "idea" of what it will look like as well as talking with them about possible counter top options, etc. I'm also now glad that I asked the electricians to have a wiring pigtail coming out of the wall below where the grill will go because it turns out that the rotisserie wiring will need to be connected underneath.

    We also popped into Light Bulbs Unlimited last week and picked up our new patio light fixtures! We had to order them from a catalog because they are super heavy-duty outdoor fixtures and they did not have any on display, but they turned out to be awesome with a brushed/satin aluminum finish that will look great on the white column walls. With only wanting them for discreet lighting, I opted for just 35W bulbs and they will go on a dimmer. If it turns out that we need a bit more illumination, I'll bump up to the 50W bulbs.

    More news later this week as there will be LOTS of action going on for sure!
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    Wow, it was L-O-U-D in the little house last week! Circular saw running, nail guns, hammers pounding and on and on! But, a LOT got done as the entire new roof is now covered in roofing plywood and is ready for the tar paper to go down!

    For the first time, it feels like a "room" out there now! And everyone has the same comment----> "It's Big"! Yeah, just the way I had envisoned it! :obscene

    Austin measured to see what ceiling height we'll end up with and it looks like it's going to be about 9' 10" out there! That was another major thing that I wanted as this makes any room seem "bigger"! The previous flat roof was a standard (1964) 8 foot roof. These sliders come off the Master Bedroom.


    Even though it's a "patio", because it's built to Code (and a bit beyond), the next owners could easily close it in to make a huge family room. You can see here, what a low pitched roof we have! In the original plans, it's described as a "Bahama Roof"...... which I thought was kind of cool!


    I will be co-ordinating the extra sub-contractors to come in at the best time for them, so that they can do "their" things. The house painter, landscape guy (we need to build a small drain field outside the wall, but after the wall gets sealed and painted), the gutter guys, the sprinkler guy, the outdoor kitchen guys, the new patio door guys, etc, etc. That's my job as the overall Project Manager....

    I took this photo as far out on the dock as I could and still could not get the whole thing in the photo! It's about 40+ wide and about 700 square feet total.


    That's the Master off to the right and we have sliders coming out right onto the patio from there.


    The sliders below go into our office which is right next to the kitchen. Easy to see now how the outdoor kitchen/grill area will be incorporated in....


    We'll have some landscaping (small palm tree?) outside the grill area and you can see where the screen door will go. Next to it will be a fixed piece of screening. The electric retractable screens will only go in the three large openings across the back of the patio.


    This weekend, we looked for more "stuff" like some nice patio furniture, etc. We haven't settled on that selection yet, but we want an oval table that will seat 6 and it has to be easily cleaned. I want to be able to put my jet nozzle on the hose and pressure wash the patio and the furniture a few times a year, hence the drain/scuppers along the back of the wall! If any of you have Recs on good patio furniture stores, let us know! We want to be very careful with what we eventually pick out........
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    Looks awesome Gmon! Thanks for stimulating the economy!!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    dpdash wrote: »
    Looks awesome Gmon! Thanks for stimulating the economy!!

    Yeah, it looks like we will have hired/spent $$ with about 15+ different vendors, sub-contractors, stores and even my one-man house painter by the time this whole project is finished! Keep in mind that we didn't just wake up one morning and say, "Let's build an awesome patio"! This whole project was driven by the need to replace the original 48 y/o, leaky roof and the blown out, hurricane ravaged, falling down flat wooden roof over the cracked patio...... so we HAD to put some money in the house and we decided to kick it up another notch or two and do something special for ourselves while we are still young enough to enjoy it!

    I took this shot today from our neighbor's (good friends) oldest son's upstairs bedroom to show how the new patio roof is blending in with the original roof.


    The patio has it's own trusses and they then laid down "piggy-back" trusses on top of the original roof on the back side of the house. This ties the two together and will give the finished roof, a permanent, original look. It will be finished off with what worked 100% during every storm since 1964 and that's flat, white concrete tiles. The house will get a fresh coat of yellow paint with white trim........

    Although the original plan that was drawn up had a Man Cave built in with square/U-shaped couch facing a big screen TV, that would have blocked the view of our boat, the canal and watching the occasional boat go by (like dpdash himself!) from the Family Room and it was removed from the final plans. But........ my GC talked me into at least running some TV cable into the most obvious upper corner of the patio (near the screen door), just "in-case" I ever change my mind and want to put a TV out there. So, we are trying to be "smart" by thinking ahead and doing those little, easy things now, that may come in very handy, later on! My wife keeps saying.... "You KNOW that we're gonna want a TV out here eventually....."! Gotta love a woman who thinks a bit like a man!

    Oh yeah, with a big, long dumpster in my old driveway, it has attracked some attention from drive-by-ers. One guy knocked on my door and I ignored him. Two minutes later, he and his buddy were IN the dumpster having a go at some stuff in there! I yelled out and told them to be careful and to hurry up and get out. Later, I thought that it's probably not "smart" to let strangers get in there with all the crap that gets thrown in there. If they get hurt in there, things could get very complicated for me......

    Hopefully, future Dumpster Divers can read English!

  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Don't know how many of you have been inside a house with a new roof being built, but it is L-O-U-D! Yesterday, I got outta here and went to a movie and ran some errands, just to give my head and ears a break! Today, amazingly, I'm going to get out by actually going FISHING for a rare change! The rumble of twin 250 Yamaha 2-strokes will seem silent to me!
  • treetopflyntreetopflyn Posts: 3,937 Officer
    Looking good Gmon. Can't wait to enjoy a couple of Anjeo and cokes in the new patio
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Looking good Gmon. Can't wait to enjoy a couple of Anjeo and cokes in the new patio

    You'll be invited over, don't worry!

    Yesterday, they finished with the tar paper, started framing the boxes that will discreetly hide the rolled up retractable screening and did some trim work. Most of the work now will be "inside" the patio while the roofers hot-mop the roof, lay the tiles, etc. They lay out the tiles on the roof and then wait 3-4-5 days to allow the roof to "settle" with the additional weight on it and then secure the flat, white, concrete roof tiles down...... I assume that give us 3-4-5 days of listening to the roof "groaning and creaking" as it settles down! :willynilly

    My daughter saw it last night for the first time in about 10 days...... "It's HUGE" she said!!

    (Six hours of trolling yesterday....... from 100' out to 600 and from Hillsboro to PE and back up to Boca Inlet..... all for one miniature tuna! :cry )
  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,737 Captain
    I'm late to this thread but SUPER impressed with what you're doing. The place looks AWESOME!!!

    Here's what I learned recently about patio furniture. Don't go cheap! We bought some some "big box" stuff that disintegrated in 12 months. Berry's is pricey, but their stuff will last a lifetime - http://www.berrypatio.com/
  • ship facedship faced Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Im doing one myself and the drop in grills are really expensive , so Im thinking about leaving an opening and slideing a nice grill in place with the doors and everything and when it goes bad I will just by another one and put in .You can also buy one and take the top part off and make it a drop in .!!!
  • rodzrodz Posts: 668 Officer
    I'm late to this thread but SUPER impressed with what you're doing. The place looks AWESOME!!!
    Here's what I learned recently about patio furniture. Don't go cheap!


    You're a boater . . . teak baby! Just refinished my 10 yr old set and it looks new. Check out this place, they have a great selection of top notch stuff. Maybe put down the teak floor they sell. Looks great BTW.

  • BluebirdBluebird Posts: 126 Officer
    I second the selection of teak patio furniture as well. As long as it stays underneath the patio you wont have it fade too bad. Simple oiling every 6-8 months will keep it looking new. Im not to crazy about hosing my teak down but when i do, i rack out the leaf blower and dry it off. Lemon oil on a rag gets it cleaner than water in all reality. After youve invested so much in the patio you really have no other options but to go with teak.
  • treetopflyntreetopflyn Posts: 3,937 Officer
    Teak looks nice and last but it is not at all comfortable.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    Update time!

    I took this photo when I came back in from fishing (more an "excuse" to get away from all the noise!) last Tuesday and you can see the new roofline across the back.


    The GC guys are done for a week or so since the roofers will be doing their thing next week. Nice of them to leave us a clean job site! The dumpster in the driveway is now gone so I have my garage back again!


    Here, you can see where one of the three "tray ceilings" is framed up. Very nice paddle fans will go in the middle of each one.


    The overall ceiling will be painted light blue and white. We haven't decided yet, but either the three trays will be blue and the ceiling white, or vice versa....... We spent a weekend last year at a local beachfront hotel and their outside patio had this type ceiling and this gave us the idea on how to do our own patio ceiling!

    With regards to our patio furniture "search", it's not going very well. Every place we go (Some as suggested above! Thanks!), we are faced with dark, dark, dark furniture! Very little out there now that's light in color or that's somewhat "tropical". We found a set that's a white wicker resin that's very comfortable, easy to blast with the hose and comes with blue, "Sunbrella" seat cushions.

    We have tried teak furniture before and it's just not for us. We'll no doubt see more teak stuff at the upcoming Pompano Beach Nautical Flea Market in two weeks and we'll give it another try.

    We want a table that will easily seat 6, plus 1-2 other "lounge" chairs. At the IKEA store, we found some nice, white folding chairs and we need to find a folding table. That would be used when we have more than 6 people for dinner. We used to use a folding table a few years back when we used to have 8-10-12 or more people at dinner parties and we want to get back to enjoying 3-4-5-6 of those a year again! The whole "theme" for this patio is for FUN!!

    Thanks again for all of your suggestions! :dance
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,207 AG
    ship faced wrote: »
    Im doing one myself and the drop in grills are really expensive , so Im thinking about leaving an opening and slideing a nice grill in place with the doors and everything and when it goes bad I will just by another one and put in .You can also buy one and take the top part off and make it a drop in .!!!

    Initially, I thought about something similar to that! But, we decided that we got tired of the $350 Lowe's grills and wanted a top quality grill that would be built in and to be a permanent part of the patio.

    At Culinary Concepts in Pompano, we decided that the Alfresco 30 inch grill was perfect for us and that we'd be using it several times a week. It has a rotisserie (never used one but looking forward to learning how!), it has built in lights, a smoker drawer, cover, warming shelf, etc. Superior quality too. Culinary Concepts will custom build and install the cabinet and grill for us after the patio is completely done. I may get my boat canvas folks to make a custom, heavy-duty cover for it.

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