5/3 CR - SNOOKIN' (Robbie's revenge)

Last time out, Robbie missed a big one and I connected with my largest ever. Today things started out similar, with Robbie hooking a big Snook and in a frantic drag screaming run, it broke off. He was bummed, mostly about leaving a lure in a nice fish like that. While he was re-rigging, I kept fishing and noticed his lure floating a short time later which we happily retrieved. A couple places later, Robbie hooks a huge Snook. It made a loooong run of probably 100 yards and we ran it down. When it came to the net, it was a "slob", very similar to mine from the other day, in fact we measured it at 39", same as mine, but a different place. It was Robbie's second largest Snook to a 43 incher he caught a few years ago a Long point fishing on the bottom with bait. The roaring tide and breezy conditions was making it tough to work the lures, so we eventually moved way inshore to get some better conditions. I caught a couple slot fish and Robbie added another. Great day, but I think it could have been even better if we could work our lures better. Home for lunch with a smile.


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