4/28 mahi and long ride in. PC

Left Ocala at 5AM. Gassed up and drove 2 1/2 hours to PC. At ramp glad to see crowd already on the water and had place to myself. Parked in grass lot and headed out. Fought the chop and managed 8 live baits at a ship buoy. Ran out to 130" put lines in at 9:45. Boat ran perfect for third trip this week. Trolled naked ballyhoo and illanders. Noticed starboard engine not running. Would not restart without throttle forward neutral. Engine would stall before could get in gear. Fiddled with it for an hour. With the nice weather we kept trolling on one engine. Figured head in 3 hours early. During the attempted repair we Had a nice fish come to boat that wouldn't eat. Had a 30lber grab a skirt and ballyhoo hanging off the outrigger dangling in the water that broke 50lb line. Seemed like that kind of day. Started back trolling and picked up 3 good ones in an hour. All on skipping ballyhoo at a maxed out speed of 8 mph. At 3pm headed in got to dock at 7:30. Blew tire on way home to boot. Twin 2 year old Suzuki 140s BTW.
Fish were full of flying fish. Explains the skipping ballyhoo bite.


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,192 AG
    Sound like you made the most of a bad situation...

    Will your motor rev up in neutral?.... I'm on my second 140 'Zuki ( first one had 3,680 flawless hours) My new one is a 2012 and it is also fine...
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  • bonebone Posts: 1,139 Officer
    Yes. Believe it is the IAC valve. Taking it in Monday. That motor also will shut off when going from open throttle to neutral sometimes. 320 hours on them in 2 years. The port motor worked hard that day.
  • tryacctryacc Posts: 339 Deckhand
    Nice work, as Duck said making the best of it great work!
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