Question about shore fishing in the area

I realize that this is an open-ended question, so I am not looking for super specific answers. I hope to be buying a waterfront vacation home in the Dunedin/Tampa/Clearwater area soon. It will be more of an "open water" situation rather than on a lagoon. There will be sufficient water depth for docking a boat in the event that I purchase one in the future. I am just wondering if there is a reasonable expectation to catch much of anything "in my backyard" or would I have to do more exploring than that. I certainly look forward to discovering local spots, but would love to be able to do some fishing right "at home".


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    Anything waterfront is going to be some large coin.. especially on the property taxes....a dock is a tax magnet for sure...
    So.. if I was pretty much going for a waterfront..I would be looking at where is the best fishing spots... Up here in the northern Pinellas County area our fish are not as abundant as say near and around the Skyway area... We have the Trout..Redfish..Snook.. Tarpon ..Shark ..bait fish and so on inshore...but just parking near or under the Skyway..there is more of all of that ..

    I know if you ask that question to Bassin Assassin... He would most likely say the same area cause from his looks like he pretty much owns the fish in Tampa Bay.. They can't seem to elude him for sure..

    My thoughts all round place to start looking in that area.. Coquina Key...Pinellas Point
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    Thanks, Mutt. It will be a condo or townhome. No way I have the coin for a single family home on the waterfront!
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    Then you need to google...Waterside Condos.. Plenty of them up for sale at a pretty good price right now...You can wake up in the morning and see the Skyway in your back yard

    Check this link,pf_pt/268935_rid/any_days/27.727825,-82.624763,27.719524,-82.635245_rect/16_zm/
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    Thanks. I have a real estate agent sending me listings. I was just wondering what kind of fishing I could expect if I just wanted to stay "home" and fish.
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    I would say....Pretty much everything..except for some of the deep water pelagic fish you see on the other coast....unless your boat can travel ..starting point..100 miles out or so.. at the Elbow

    For that answer though.....what I do is I use the search in this forum section... Lots of good stories...I followed some members post 2 and 3 years back.. Picked up some very useful info on pretty much of the Tampabay area... Now if your thinking about my area.. I have been fishing this area since 1968...starting with Gene Turner in Tampa Bay... And ole whats his name Earl...LOL... from Bonnies Bait my area.....always had a boat.. I have no problem telling people where some fish are..and what the bait situation is..
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    Thanks! I look forward to skimming this section as far back as it will allow me!!!
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