Shimano roller bearing help

I'm attempting to replace the line roller bearing on my 25000 saragosa. Before i destroy the bushing to remove the bearing is there a special way to get it out? It took me forever to get the bearing so I dont want to mess this up.


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    My suggestion would be to go to Alan Tani's site and do a search on bearing removal. There is a wealth of information on reel maintenance and repair on the site and a lot of info on bearings. Probably not much info on spinning reels but you should be able to get some insight into removing the bearing. I hate to say it and it's a little too late now but sometimes it is easier to get a new bushing at the same time you get a new bearing.
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    Thanks I had tried to order everything together but most line roller parts are on back order from shimano and Kel's (common problem i assume). I went ahead and order an aftermarket bearing in the mean time. id really hate to damage the bushing I will check the site to see what i can find
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    Ok update. I was able to pop the bushing out with a #2 pencil. I replaced it with a after market part from HPR bearing in miami. Now my reel doesnt sound like a coffee grinder. may order a couple backup bearings.
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    That whole, rusted bearing inside a thin plastic bushing is a pain... What I've been doing for years is to mount a pair of needle nosed pliers in a vise, jaws up... I slide the bearing down onto the nice tapered jaws then work on it the way you did with the pencil (I'm about fifty/fifty on whether the bushing survives... so I routinely order new bushings with new bearings.....). I also make a point of soaking the old bearing in penetrating oil (I have Break Free, Kroil, and PB Blaster on hand for soaking purposes). When it really hurts is when you end up destroying the bail while trying to remove an old bearing.. ask me how I know....
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