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WTB Outrigger set, poles and mounts

Looking for a set of outriggers to install on a t-top. Looking for 15' telescopic poles with mounts in new or good condition. Currently looking at Taco Grand Slam 170 or 280 mounts or the Tigress Tigerfish 1 or 2 mounts, or something similar. I have an over-the-t-top boat cover, so the mounts must be adjustable to lay flat on the t-top (cover has opening for outriggers).




  • ChadChad Satellite Beach, FLPosts: 132 Deckhand
    do some searching on the mounts. Taco had one set that came un-pinned all the time. you'd be trolling along with the outrigger straight out and all of a sudden it would swing back 30 degrees. Fished on a friend's boat that had them and then later learned it was a Taco issue.
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