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Solo trip 4 slammers. Friday Summerland

Decided to knock off Friday and go out. made it to the reef and began my troll. It wasa gnarly 2-3 with occasional 4's. Not too bad on my 19footer. Around 400ft I began to see birds to my left and right, thought that things could get promising. Went by two buoys, one had rope and barnacles, nothing. Saw a good sized buoy and made my way towards it. When I was 200-250 away I heard something, my flat line spinner was getting smoked fish on! Nice sized bull, a few seconds later the outrigger goes, another bull a little smaller hits. I'm pretty stoked at this point. I landed the first bull and took a picture. As I was landing the other bull I saw two cows the same size as him following, I didn't have a pitch bait, and I was content with just getting the two bulls already, stuck the second fish.
I'm woooo-ing by myself in joy, I look on the horizon and see a manowar flying Low, off I go towards it. Manowar slides towards my spread and I see te two big fish attacking my spread!!! Zzzzzzzzz "fish on" big bull and cow euphoria... Fought the bull for a half hour. Took a pic in the cooler. Then fought the cow. Cow was much bigger than I had thought. I circled area going from birds to birds- but they were on tuna. I decided to go in. I was exhausted.


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