Pre-Front Fishing

Launched on the LMR around noon yesterday. Water was fairly low, but basically coming in all day. Not a strong tide, but water movement. Hit a couple of spots near the mouth for a change of pace, but that was a bust. Supposed to be cloudy with a chance of rain, so definitely a good time to fish, especially with such clear water. Wind was very strong from the SSW and then W. Water temps were 78-81.

Went to my normal area and worked a spot that has been very productive lately. Fished the Rip Tide Mullet in shadflash exclusively today. Also used the spook jr in bone at times...when cloudy and late in the day. I might be a 1 trick pony for always using practically the same baits, but these are my confidence baits and they work for me. Casting with the wind down the side of a mangrove bank and I got a strike/pull-down on my mullet. Cast past the same spot again. Reeling it through and nothing. Let the lure fall to the bottom near the boat and it got blasted. Set the hook on a solid fish. First fish of the day turned out to be a very nice red that gave me a tremendous fight. After an incredible battle, I slipped her in the net at 1:18pm. She came in at 28 1/2".

Working around and caught a small snook at 1:52 pm. Saw a darker area or depression just off a sandy point. Cast onto the sand at 1:57pm and as soon as it hit the trough, it got nailed. Turned out to be another quality red that also fought very well. He came in at 26".

Expanded my search out in this general area, but had no luck. Moved over to an adjacent area where I saw mullet jumping. Finally got a strike at 3:34pm. Turned out to be a decent 24" snook that crushed my lure in very skinny water. Still working windy banks. Just 7 minutes later I connected with a small snook. Went to my "red spot" and hooked into one at 4:02pm, a 19 1/2"er. Caught another small snook at 4:19pm. Fifteen minutes later I caught another 19 1/2" red in calm water behind the mangroves. Another small snook at 4:44pm.

Began working an area I don't fish very often. Another small snook at 5:17pm. Strong S winds blowing on this bank. Was rewarded with the largest snook of the day (25") that put on a great aerial display at 5:28pm. A dink snook at 5:45pm.

Up to another area and caught another dink at 6:15pm. More small snook at 6:20pm, 6:35pm and 6:42pm. Switched up to the ssj to work a popular snook spot. Working it in and it got crushed. Turned out to be a nice 23" red caught at 6:55pm. Another small snook at 7:19pm....also on the spook. Another one 5 minutes later. Had a great blow-up on the spook, but a miss. Back to the jig and hooked another small snook at 7:45pm. Almost dark now and working a point. Got a solid jig strike at 8pm and the final fish of the day turned out to be a 16" trout. I headed for the ramp. It was a fun day.

Final Body Count

Snook - 15 (2 dinks, 11 smalls, 24" and 25")
Reds - 5 (19 1/2", 19 1/2", 23", 26" and 28.5")
Trout - 1 (16")
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