Homosassa and Crystal River with Grandpa- Snook, Trout, and Reds

Went with Jake to Homosassa last week, he's been catching a lot nice Trout and Reds lately so me and my grandpa decided to check it out. Wind was blowing 20mph again and the tide was later in the day so it was tough fishing without any water and too windy to go to open water. We could see a ton of big snook, redfish, and trout cruising through the clear shallow water that I've never seen in Crystal River. Caught like 8 keeper trout letting go the ones right at 15", Jake got the biggest one at 21". As the tide started coming in I get broke off by a big snook, then the next cast Jake is hooked up! Landed a nice 33" snook with only 20lb leader. The way it fought and how fat it was we thought it was at least 36". Didn't have enough time to fish the rest of the tide for reds so we headed home without a red, which we were really looking forward to catching.

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Weather was supposed to be a little better the next day and my dad decided to join me and my grandpa. Since we don't have the proper shallow water boat we avoided shallow water all together and headed out to the foul rock area to see if there was any bigger trout out there. Pretty much the same result catching 10-14" every cast. As we were drifting over rock piles we caught several baby grouper which were a fun change of action along with a lot of ladyfish as well. Only kept a few trout 16-18" didn't really want to keep a lot so we let a lot of 15" trout go. We tried the spoil banks and we managed 1 small red and I lost a nice sheepshead, besides that there wasn't much action out there. Fished a rocky bank back towards the river and we found a school of small redfish. There was probably 50 reds 15"-20" and I managed to catch 1 every cast till we spooked them off. Only got two keepers after catching like 10 of them. My grandpa was able to catch a couple which was cool because they are pretty much his favorite fish to catch, and this was his last trip he had before heading back to New York.

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