Pls help...photoshoot location in Tampa area.

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Hi all,
We have a photographer coming in from Gainesville this Sunday and since she doesn't know the area well she asked if we could find some locations in or close to Tampa. I originally thought of Hillsborough River State Park or the Withlacoochee River Park but since I don't know places around Tampa I was wondering if there were any suggestions from local photographers out there.

Thanks in advance.


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    Ok...we need more info. What kind of areas do you need? Lakes? Beach? Urban? Rural? **** bars?
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    It's going to be for myself, the wife and 9 month old so I'm sure **** bars are out. She basically said anywhere we want but since we don't know the area we were wondering if there were any cool settings. We've never had our pics taken so that is why we were asking too.

    We were just looking for interesting spots and not the typical beach shots. I also thought of Ybor since it's got a lot of old Tampa in it.

    Hope that helps, really have no clue.
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    Since you have never had your picture taken, I'll let you know that it does NOT take your soul away. that we're past that...

    I think Ybor would be pretty cool for a family photo. Trolly pic would be neat. Tampa College but I think that wouldn't work well for close up shots. The river is right there too but it's obviously very urban.
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    Thanks...forgot about Tampa College too.
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    Don Cesar

    or the Kapok Tree, which closed as a restaurant 20 years ago, but is still open for weddings..if you can somehow talk your way into there.
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    Thanks Cane Pole. Unfortunately, that's probably a little too far off the interstate. We are trying to save time and get places that are closer to Tampa and easier to get to since she is coming from Gainesville and we only have a certain amount of time.
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    University of Tampa ..jus walk the grounds and buildings (some are open to the public)..excellent girlfriend takes her clients there all the time for her photos
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    Thanks Parker
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