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Instead of posting my photos on the many forums I am on and then Facebook for friends and family, I have resurrected my website.

I first purchased this domain over ten years ago. We anchor out a lot (if fact most weekends) hence the name. It was fairly active the first couple of years as we took the boat and family to the Abacos and all around SE Georgia and NE Florida.

It was a way for family in Ireland, the UK and Australia to see what we were up to.

Then work interrupted. I spent quite a lot of time on airplanes and, even though we still took the boat out a lot, I just couldn't muster the energy to keep a web site going. So I parked it. Kept paying for the domain, even though I was contacted many times asking if I wanted to sell it. I knew that, once I retired, I would want to reinvent it.

Well I retire at the end of this year. I have bought the retirement home, and the retirement boat. So a couple of weeks ago I reset the hosting company for the website and decided to re-launch.

Have a look. I am VERY open to suggestions and comments.

It is www.AtAnchor.com

My latest post is about a visit to a local seafood shack and it's original owner who made models of the boats who worked the St John's in Jacksonville.

Again, fire away with suggestions.
Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.


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