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Slob Redfish - Unexpected

Wading somewhere in Sarasota area tonight..... Good trip, ended up with 3 reds, 1 slob trout and 2 snook. 1 snook around 25" other around 19". That was good.... All of the fish ate Lil John Golden Bream..... As we were walking back in, I hooked a ladyfish, that destroyed the bait. So I just opted to call it a night, and walk back in.... Jason reaches in his pocket - "might as well put this bait on"... A used bait torn..... I rig it sidewards, all jacked up.... Toss it out - bam - Im on. A solid 4/5 minutes later, I see what I thought was a snook, but it never came up. Slob red at 31"....... "Might as well" turned into the fish of the year for me!!!


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