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Ramp Fees

Hey everyone, wanted to post this as I am going to try and get out tomorrow morning, but reminded myself of last time the new thing in case people are not aware. I had a little warning ticket on my truck the last time I launched at Pete's Pier. In addition to the 10 bucks for parking, now the county has added a box there right by the ramp that only takes debit/credit cards and they are also charging 5 bucks on the use of the ramp now, so it now is 15 bucks to park and launch there at the ramp. There are some other ramps around Citrus county that are also using this and you can find it on the Crystal River City website the list of them. I called and spoke with the city about it and they said that now that they have my tag in the system, if I do not have it the next time in my window, its going to be a ticket. So for those of you that are unaware of this, just wanted to give you a heads up on it. The box is very easily missed as when I was looking around the parking lot, every single vehicle there with a trailer, had one of those warning notes on there. Petes was very perturbed about it when I asked them what they knew about it as I guess people are coming in there and asking them like its Pete's Piers fault, but its not, its all the county doings. Just a heads up.


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