It's time we all work together to confront the danger of **** in the wrong hands

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    i'LL wORk wITh yoU cOLdiare!
    Vote for the other candidate
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    Par for the course ......lay blame somewhere else
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    Somewhere, a lawyer is waiting to take this case.

    Lawyers are the cause of this. Ambulance chasers
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    I could disregard this if it were an isolated case of ignorance. But it's not isolated folks! We have millions of these uneducated, ignorant, clueless people in our country. We made it easy for them to stay in school. We paid for school meals. We pay college tuition. We made it super easy for them to get home loans and move into nice neighborhoods. They don't want better! They want more free crap; they want to be more than equal; they want us to drop to their level of ignorance which we are attempting to do in our schools. We have a black President who in almost 8 years in office has never taken the time for even one national broadcast to the young blacks in this country telling them why they should stay in school. His wife tells us what food our kids can have in school while the black kids' crack-**** mothers spend the food bill and EBT on drugs for her own satisfaction. When are we going to wake up folks? Are we so Politically Correct that we can't speak out against ignorance by a huge chunk of our population? Is there some reason why getting educated doesn't even begin to approach "Black Lives Matter" or chimpanzee Rap music in importance? And the Democrats actually go after their vote? Who gets them to the right polling place?
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    But's even worse than that.............should you be fortunate enough to make it to are going to have to put up with a few of them there also! :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes

    I say......I say & improved my tail feathers.

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    fish_stix wrote: »
    I could disregard this if it were an isolated case of ignorance.
    Ignorance :rolleyes ?
    In this particular case it seems this lady would only pick some money from Nike.
    Probably a bad mother before and now more jackal than ignorant, IMHO.
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    Well... there was the Shoe Bomber.
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