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A few more...

I had to go back and look at my last post...It's been tough to play the game lately but finally sealed the deal for # 11
So, I've been up around Sebastian and the Trout bite has been pretty strong. Most mornings it's been 7-12 fish..but size does vary. I've had days with mostly sub or barely slot...and the next will be all fish 17-20 inches...and just enough real nice fish to keep it interesting.


As I said...it has always been a case of just not putting the whole deal together...mostly getting closed out on Reds though. If I can't see them ..I struggle. Today started with a few small trout at my first stop...then a jack at stop 2..a couple more smallish trout and by 8:30 I knew I needed to switch gears since wind was both building..and switching direction....something that can be hard to deal with.
Get in on a shoreline I have not hit in a while...and get a hard hit...strong run...and this guy fights all the way in.


Oh man..You were close!

Kept grinding along and get a strong hit on a point....and this happens....


:banghead Really? :shrug

Keep going but it's getting late and I know I don't have much longer...and then...Bang! I see the fish come up and know if it stays hooked..we're in the money.... and it does.


So, 10:45 and that's #11...

Water conditions vary widely daily...Had some clean water here and there this week...but the wind and rain the past few days squashed that...so back to bright colors..lots of casts...and luck..lots of luck.
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