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    Me. Trump, What do you think are the 3 most important roles of the federal government? "Security, education and health care."

    As a conservative, I find this troubling. I think we could get this same reasoning from Hillary.

    One small detail. The foul stinking Beast would screw all three up, and raise taxes to make her point. Trump, I don't think so. He will make NATO and Mexico pay their own way. It is high time America stopped being the financier of all things global. Reminds me of the wench that gets all the family together annually for the family reunion. Invites everybody and even the bastards of the everybody's out to the restaurant out to eat for the reunion. After the "anything goes on the menu" everyone skates and eats and beats it. Poor Uncle Sam has to foot the final bill. Most Americans are sick of this BS. All but the takers.
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    Posted Mar 30, 2016 by Martin Armstrong
    Those in power who have something to lose always follow the same pattern of attacks. They are using the very same tactics against Trump and Farage of portraying them as racists because both are against immigration — but they are really against the establishment. When I was in London, I bumped into the very same team from the USA that helped Clinton win the White House. They were there helping Tony Blair. This is a business, and they know how to pull it all together. They turn trying to protect your border and culture into racism. The implication is obvious. Everyone should intermarry regardless of sex, race, or religion. If a parent is against that statement for their child, then obviously they must be a racist.
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    Immigration has always been a historical issue that arises whenever the economy turns down. During the 1840s, it turned into violence on the streets. The immigrants were white, Irish Christians. It was just that they were taking jobs in an economic decline. Farage’s UKIP is being portrayed as racist, but what is the alternative? Opening borders at this time and place has nothing to do with racism any more than it did in the 1840s. These are economic declining times and absolutely the WRONG instant to bring in any immigrants whatsoever, regardless of race or religion.
    Nevertheless, this is how Trump and Farage are being portrayed, and the less intelligent to the less sophisticated buy this nonsense and repeat it. The end result is rather blunt. Historically, this is simply how the West falls — the same as Rome. There were laws passed to prevent intermarriage. It was even outlawed for a man to marry one of his slaves. There have always been attempts to prevent the dilution of a culture for that is how it typically ends anyway. Throughout history, people swarm into the core economy and then bring it down. The Muslim invasion of Europe shows that nearly 80% of the migrants are not even from Syria. This is simply how it all ends. The interesting aspect is that a Muslim friend of mine in Europe is even more against the migrants, for they see them as the lower class and less educated who are indoctrinated with religious beliefs that are extreme. The Muslims I know in Europe and Russia are not extreme and live within a western society with harmony. If they are against the migration, it does not seem to really be a racist issue; it is just an economic issue and that is what the propagandists are using because Trump and Farage are against the establishment — plain and simple.
    So to those who want to say no, Trump and Farage supporters are racists, then they should have no problem with their daughters marrying a migrant of a different race, changing their religion, and wearing a Hijab, niqab, or burka for the rest of their lives. If you have any problem with that, you must be a racist. Sorry – it’s politics as usual. (In my case, I told my daughter she better not bring home a prosecutor).
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    Have you read his positional briefs? He offers as many if not more details than his rivals.

    Nope, just going on his interviews and debates. I'll check then out.
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