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Sarasota/New Pass April2nd

Looking to head offshore Saturday (25ft Mako) to take a friend from out of town to catch basically his first fish, but the forecast I'm seeing are iffy. If it's too bad when we get over there, where can I get in a deep V boat to catch some trout/jacks/whatever?
I'm pretty good with google Maps, plenty of flats in Sarasota Bay which I'm sure hold fish, but not too sure of depths so just looking for some basic info on the area so I can avoid tearing up the Seagrass. I feel comfortable in 4ft of water or more, wade fishing is not an option due to who I have with me.

If we do head offshore, anyone else planning on going out? Heard the snapper bite is decent in 50/60ft, and some kings are starting to show up.


  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    There are some nice grass flats in Sarasota Bay. The one that would be best suited for a larger boat would be the Middlegrounds. It is deeper towards the middle of the bay and gets shallower as you get closer to LBK (obviously). There is a sandbar there (which parallels the shoreline of LBK) so be careful. It is a pretty large grass flat, it gently tapers from deep to shallow, and if the drift is N or S then you can cover quite a bit of water before you have to reposition. You can catch the usual inshore species there. It is fished pretty heavily so I wouldn't expect a stellar day, but if it is too rough to make it offshore it's not a bad place to fish. I have fished it with my prior offshore boat without any problems.
  • farside88farside88 Posts: 495 Deckhand
    Thank you. That's exactly the help I was looking for.
    We rearranged schedules and were able to go out Friday. There was no way we were going to make it Saturday with all the rain and storms.
    Did see a few people fishing the flat. Glad to know it's an option.
  • jakejake Posts: 326 Deckhand
    Working the docks and seawalls along the south side of big pass would be do-able for you too, in case there's a next time....
  • farside88farside88 Posts: 495 Deckhand
    Thank you. There will be a next time. I live in Orlando so scouting out spots is hard to do, I wish I lived closer and could just cruise around. Living in Orlando does have its advantages though. It's 2hrs to Sarasota and 2hrs to Stuart. If I want to catch dolphin I take a right at the first traffic light, if I want to catch grouper/snapper, I take a left.
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