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Quick trip with my daughter 3-29-16

Yesterday went out of Homosassa at around 1:00pm with my daughter (visiting from NJ) and 2 of my friends in hopes of beating the rain. My daughter gets sea sick so she's not a "boat person" especially when the boat stops, she's also not fond of fishing for that one reason. Anyway, since the skies to the west and south didn't look good, we stayed in the bay area between marker 12 and 14. We anchored up and I showed her how to pop the cork which had a 1/8oz jig and live shrimp. She was the only one who caught any keepers, 2 small Spanish Macs. She had a good time, one gave her a nice run. After hearing a loud clap of thunder, which seemed to be right overhead, we headed in, just before the light rain started. She didn't get sick this time :).


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